From October Google will weaken the ban on advertising of cryptocurrency in the USA and Japan


Since October, Google will remove the ban on the deployment associated with cryptocurrencies advertising on their platforms. Regulated exchange of digital assets will once again be able to use the services of paid promotion in the U.S. and Japan, reported in the support section of the it giant.

It is noted that the company needs to be certified by Google in the country that will host advertising. In his absence an application for certification can be submitted in October, when the policy change will take effect.

Recall that in March, Google decided to adopt the experience of Facebook to change ad policy towards cryptocurrency and ICOS and start to limit the results of ads in AdWords, which suggested that the products or services associated with the digital asset.

“We have no crystal ball to know in advance what the future holds for the cryptocurrency, but we’ve seen enough damage caused to the consumers in this industry to begin to treat them with extreme caution”, — said the representative of Google Scott Spencer in an interview with CNBC.

It is noteworthy that in the case of the abolition of the ban Google once again followed in the footsteps of Facebook. So, in June, the social network announced that it is considering offering it as regulated securities, therefore, will allow their advertising, but will maintain a ban on the promotion and the ICO of binary options.

“Since June 26, we will update our policy to allow ads aimed at the promotion of cryptocurrency and associated content to advertisers, pre-inspection,” said Facebook Director of product management Rob Lesern.

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