From the official website Bitfi disappeared adjective unhackable


From the official website Bitfi disappeared adjective unhackable

Yes, the creators of the purse Bitfi no longer call their development unhackable. On the product website, at least. Now it’s just “optimized and absolute easy to use utility”.

Problems with the wallet Bitfi so much that we had to take a separate review to ensure that about all to tell. But the main problem – overly aggressive marketing. If the manufacturer States that the device is impossible to hack and even announced a bounty program, users with special zeal begin to crack the wallet.

Purse Bitfi hacked. Money McAfee has not given anyone, but reputation tarnished. Bitfi trying to keep a good face on a bad game and be removed from the official website of the wallet the word unhackable. It is a victory. Yay!

“We have removed unhackable from the description of our product, since it caused quite a controversy,” reports Twitter Bitfi. We wanted to unite the community and to accelerate the mass adoption of digital assets around the world, but we recognize that some of our actions were counterproductive.”

When the remnants of a reputation dissipate like guests after a party at the McAfee, admit a mistake and apologize is the best solution. The truth on Twitter, no word on whether paid the promised money to the participants. McAfee, if you remember, promised $250 thousand.

And the last one. Bitfi not going anywhere. “Whatever problems we may have discovered they will be corrected through our push-updates”, – said representatives of the startup. Wallet will be repaired and he again will be sold. How successful, time will tell.

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