Fujitsu is developing a blockchain-based platform for 9 Japanese banks


Fujitsu began developing blockchain platform for the interbank settlement of payments in the framework of the project 9 Japanese banks.

Testing inter-Bank block chain platform will be held under the control of the organization Zengin-Net, created by Japanese banks, according to a press release. In the framework of the project for the settlement of payments, we will use “digital currency”, what exactly has not been disclosed.

According to the official statement, Fujitsu also “use P2P platform for remittances, which she developed in the 2017th fiscal year with three major banks”:

“Participating in this project, Fujitsu aims to create a new platform that uses the latest technology to help create a cashless society”

This summer, Japanese IT giant also announced the launch of data storage on the blockchain that can be used by trading companies for tokenization of coupons and bonuses, loyalty programs. In the spring the company announced the opening of the international center of blockchain innovation in Brussels for a study on the potential applications of the technology in all possible areas.

The Bank of Japan is trying to keep inflation at 2%, is already taking a lot cash incentives and is considering abandonment of cash, and the Japanese giant SBI Group is already developing a digital wallet for recently launched with the support of the government of the exchange VCTRADE.

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