Gartner: the blockchain is in a phase of disillusionment


According to experts of the consulting firm, interest in the technology is lost, as the experiments fail

Users lose interest in the blockchain, according to experts of company Gartner. They published the report “hype Cycle of emerging technologies,” reports CoinDesk.

The blockchain is at the threshold stage of disillusionment, only breaking it he will be able to develop further. Analysts believe that the new technology will actively be improved in the next ten years.

“Interest in the technology disappears, and the experiments and the products fall short of expectations. Innovators who are interested in technology, go or show to be ineffective. Investments continue to flow only if the remaining developers improve their products and satisfy the demands of early adopters”, — said the representative of Gartner.

Blockchain platforms and platforms for the Internet of things has overcome the peak, they come to the stage of maturation in the next 5-10 years, the Vice-President for research Mike Walker. In order for the technology began to be used, should be a transition from the split of technical infrastructures to work products, according to Gartner.

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