Gendirector VISA plans to support the cryptocurrency


CEO of Visa: cryptocurrencies are not a big threat, but if necessary, we will support her!

According to al Kelly, CEO of Visa, the company can support the cryptocurrency in the future if the global market will move in the direction of coverage the consensus currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Short and medium term

In the short and medium term Kelly told Jim Cramer, host of Mad Money that cryptotermes as an asset class pose no threat to the reserve currency, which serve as the basis for the Visa product. But he said that inasmuch as in the coming years will improve cryptomeria, Visa will simplify the demand for the asset class.

“I think that there should be some kind of market to become something of a fiat currency, so we were comfortable. If he goes in this direction, we will move in this direction. We want to be in the middle Jim, of each stream of payments in the world, no matter how it happens or what it stands for currency. Therefore, if we come together, we go in there. But now it is rather a product than a payment system.”

  • In the medium term, Visa is the most influential company credit card in the financial sector and is one of the most profitable companies on the market along with Mastercard.
  • In the long term, Kelly said that Visa will ultimately become a facilitator for the involvement of cryptoperthite to send and obtain digital assets using Visa on their platforms, providing the fees of the company
  • However, by the time Visa will feel at ease in the integration of CryptoMemory, said the CEO, while the asset class is set using the mainstream cryptocurrencies do not require intermediaries to process payments.

    With the help of not related to deprivation of liberty wallets and platforms open source users cryptomnesia can effectively and securely share digital assets without paying additional charges for transit fees, provided to the miners of the ecosystem.

    Currently, due to the lack of adoption from merchants, users triptanov difficult to compensate the sellers the purchase simple products such as coffee and food. Financial institution size with a Visa alone can increase the use of cryptography among traders in large volumes.


    But the goal of Visa is to focus on the cryptocurrency sector is to provide services of a mediator in a few years when cryptocurrencies are already being made by the sellers and are used as alternative currencies to reserve currencies such as the US dollar.

    The big bet Fidelity

    Support time and experiments with cryptocurrency now that she is experiencing exponential growth and is still at an early stage.

    Over the years, the line of the cryptocurrency sector could largely rely on decentralized systems and services.

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    Article translated and posted by : Leonid Shchekutev analyst Freedman Club Crypto News


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