Globacap released the first security token in accordance with British legislation


Globacap released the first security token in accordance with British legislation

FINTECH-startup Globacap, positioning itself as a digital platform for attracting capital, has released its licenzirovanie asset. This token was also the first to be released in accordance with the UK legislation, under the watchful supervision of the FCA (the FCA) and in the framework of its regulatory sandbox.

Released based on the blockchain platform Globacap token certifies the right of possession of the owner of shares in the company in full compliance with the norms of British law.

Legal partner of the project was yurfirma Hogan Lovells.

The owner of the token can further perform any transactions, the transfer of ownership of shares will be executed in automatic mode and also in full compliance with the laws of the UK.

In addition, information on all executed transactions for each individual token will be stored in the blockchain — the company claims that this distinguishes their technology from most other developments, where the token only identifies the right of ownership of securities or stock without storing the history on the change of ownership.

According to SEO Globacap miles of Milston, this decision will be an important step in the development of securities markets because it will open to private companies and projects more easy and simple way to raise capital.

Globacap focus on small and medium business, which plans to offer its service for tokenization assets. The company also undertakes to carry out in the interests of clients KYC procedures, storage and control of assets.

Note that the tokenization of conventional assets — stocks, bonds, securities, etc. — a topic which is increasingly interested in financial markets.

For example, in August in the American marketplace licenzirovanie assets OpenFinance Network was enclosed in the crypto currency exchange Huobi. In July on a joint project to create a platform for trade licenzirovanie assets announced to the stock exchange of Malta and OKEx.

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