GMO quarterly profit in the cryptocurrency sector amounted to $2.3 million


Japanese Internet giant GMO has published a report which stated that operating income in the cryptocurrency sector for the second quarter amounted to 255 million yen ($2.3 million).

According to the report, the profit from mining (47%) and stock-exchange business (53%) was 2.6 billion yen ($23 million), but operating costs reached $21 million Considering the fact that in the first quarter of losses in the GMO sector amounted to $6.6 million, new indicators, despite the high costs, evidence of the capacity position in the market.

So, if in the first quarter of GMO produced only 512 bitcoins, only in June the figure was 528 bitcoins.

We will remind, last month was presented to the GMO miner B3 on the basis of a 7-nanometer ASIC chips.

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