Goldman Sachs halted plans for trade in bitcoin: Business Insider


In recent weeks leaders came to the conclusion that you need to take many more steps, most of which are beyond the control of banks before regulators will be allowed to trade cryptocurrencies, reports the website of the financial news, citing one of the people.

Regulators worldwide have increased the control (the ICO) and the exchange of the cryptocurrency.

Commission United States securities and exchange Commission warned last year that some of the coins issued in the IFR, can be considered securities, but their trade must comply with the Federal securities laws.

The cryptocurrency can be used to quickly move money around the world with relative anonymity, without the need for a Central authority, such as a Bank or the government. The Fund, which conducts the operations with cryptocurrency could attract more investors and boost its capitalisation.

Bitcoin (BTC = BTSP) is trading lower by nearly 4.8 per cent at a price of $ 7,007 on the Luxembourg stock exchange Bitstamp on Wednesday.

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