Goldman Sachs refuses to give cryptocurrencies


Goldman Sachs refuses to give cryptocurrencies

Business Insider September 5 reported that Goldman Sachs decided to abandon its plans for the launch of cryptocurrency trading.

Last fall, Goldman announced the intention to launch operations on the trading of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies by the end of June 2018. Now, according to the newspaper, the managers of investment companies understand what is required to overcome additional difficulties to come to a regulated bitcoin trading. In particular we are talking about factors beyond the control of the giant wall street.

Recall that Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein last fall, tweeted about the fact he had mixed feelings about bitcoin “and not approval, not rejection”. Interestingly, he then compared the situation with the “replacement of gold with paper money.”

May reports that Goldman is still promoting his bitcoin plan brought hope to the supporters of the crypto, which called it an important step towards the legitimization and acceptance of digital currencies. A new message was already negatively reflected in the value of most altcoins.

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