Google BigQuery has started to provide Ethereum statistics


Google BigQuery has started to provide Ethereum statistics

The launch of a new analytical tool for BigQuery is a big deal. Google had shown great interest in cryptosphere.

This can be judged by the frequency of changes to BigQuery: a few months ago, the service added the ability to track all Bitcoin-related statistics. “First time is happenstance, second is coincidence,” the famous saying goes, but in the case of Google BigQuery is a coincidence too much like a pattern.

BigQuery is a high – speed web service for the analysis of large data sets. Take, for example, the Bitcoin blockchain. Just imagine the amount of data that you can use to present the status of this service. This information about the speed of the transaction, the commissions, the height of the blocks, the activity of miners. In the case of Air the amount of statistics even more because BigQuery provides an analysis of smart contracts in the services, placed on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

The uniqueness of the new tool from BigQuery is that Ethereum displays only a small slice of their own data, like transaction status and information about the balance of the purse. Existing aggregators, such as CoinMarketCap, also provide only selective statistics. In turn, BigQuery allows you to use a much larger number of tools to assess the state of the blockchain Ether. Google think Analytics BigQuery will be “useful for making business decisions.”


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