Google on cryptocurrency: “It’s not real money”


Google on cryptocurrency: “It’s not real money”

The service is the next largest search engine cryptocurrencies mentioned as the cause of the high costs of electricity and “fake money.” However, they say that the mention in any context from the point of view of advertising it is good if it’s not about the obituary.

Relationship largest search engine with cryptocurrencies easy no different. First, Google has banned the advertisement of cryptocurrency, which was considered rather an alarming signal for the market. Then allowed, but not everywhere and with some reservations. In particular, the search giant promised that he would advertise kryptomere, but only controlled, and only in the US and in Japan.

The frequency of searches in Google is one of the indicators of public interest in cryptocurrencies, and a harbinger of future growth bitcoin exchange rate, although this is, of course, not exactly.

And finally, the cryptocurrency has received special mention in advertising of the new service Google Call Screen, but rather in a humorous way. That is, on the one hand, the search engine recognizes the cryptocurrency one of the realities of the modern world, is perfectly familiar to the viewer. On the other hand, serious about him he is not ready and users are not advised.

The video explains the benefits of the service — before you answer the phone, the user sees on the screen of your smartphone Google Pixel 3 announcing who’s calling and for what reason.

The characters in the movie discuss a call from the company invoice for electricity. “Mining cryptocurrency causes a large consumption of energy, but it’s not real money” — to make a profound conclusion heroes of advertising.

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