Gregory van den Berg: Licenzirovanie securities — the next wave of cryptocurrency


Gregory van den Berg: Licenzirovanie securities — the next wave of cryptocurrency

Gregory van den Berg, founder and head of Bankorus, the world’s first private platform for managing state using the blockchain and artificial intelligence, in an interview CoinGeek said that, in his opinion, waiting for the blockchain and the financial industry.

Interest in blockchain technology emerged from van den Berg in the period when he was received in Beijing with a master’s degree in business administration and worked to create the first ever Robo— advisors that are applied in the field of financial management. He recalls: “We realized that not cope with processing and managing large amounts of data and finding solutions has led us to the blockchain”.

According to him, he realized that Beijing is a cryptocurrency capital of the world:

Many of the major projects is a native of Beijing. View: world’s three largest exchanges (Huobi, Binance and OKEx) originated in China. That’s why our head office is in Beijing — where it is easy for us to find workers, because the human resource is the most scarce capital.

Bankorus company offers the customers with a large capital management services to their assets on the basis of the blockchain and the possibility of trading licenzirovanie securities or investment tokens. The question about the expected tokenization Bitcoin Cash van den Berg said:

The more blockchains supporting licenzirovanie securities and tokenization, the network, the better. Recently I was in Korea in society Chapter Roger’s Faith and he said that is his intention. I think blockchain should support licenzirovanie securities and appropriate standards.

According to van den Berg, the potential of the industry is not disclosed. He says Bankorus is a store, arranged on the principle of “one window” where people can buy and sell licenzirovanie stock and manage their wealth on the blockchain:

Bankorus gives you the opportunity to sell, buy and manage in the same way as we now use for purchases and sales of Amazon and Alibaba, and search Google.

Berg believes that the popularity of the blockchain grows, people begin to not just follow price jumps, and really get acquainted with this technology. He says:

I think that once bitcoin starts to be used in the retail trade, and its price will reach $20 000, we will see the next wave. I believe that many institutions will appeal not only to blockchain solutions, but also to the investment side. I see that many investment funds tend to invest in certain projects and go to market. The past six months, we are seeing the retail wave. After it comes a new wave of companies that control large amounts of capital, will move to the blockchain. With regard to institutions, for many of them topical issue of Depository service. In addition, they are interested in licenzirovanie securities, and access to them will also be part of this new wave.

Van Den Berg draws Parallels with the evolution of Internet sites. He says:

Usually, innovations come in threes. Look at social networking: first there was Friendster, then MySpace, then Facebook, and Facebook is significantly larger than the rest. In the world of cryptocurrency appeared first on bitcoin, then Ethereum, and after — ICO, and the scale of the latter phenomenon is significantly superior to the whole bitcoin ecosystem. I believe that the third wave is the wave licenzirovanie securities, which will be bigger than anything we’ve seen.

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