Guide: Cryptocurrency Bytom


Guide: Cryptocurrency Bytom

Bytom — based Protocol of the blockchain for financial applications and digital assets. With the help of Bytom organizations and individuals can register and exchange not only digital (such as bitcoin) and traditional assets (stocks, bonds and even intelligence).

Gradually acquire real assets licenzirovanie form on the background of the transition from paper-based (centralized) records of ownership rights to the blockchain. However, while there is no universal method of transferring these assets from the real world to digital. You also need to provide some degree of interaction between the two forms of assets to create a single, connected ecosystem. Until that happens, it is difficult to talk about the full tokenization. The solution to this problem does the project Bytom.

How Bytom?
Where to buy BTM

Despite the relatively high capitalization, Bytom are not traded on major exchanges. As a rule, the tokens of a project buy bitcoins on RightBTC — cryptocurrency exchange from Dubai. They can also be purchased for USDT, BTC or ETH on Huobi and Bibox. Full list of platforms that support BTM available on CoinMarketCap.

How to store BTM

Tokens should be stored BTM in the official wallet Bytom. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. The developers have released a user guide, which describes how to configure and use the wallet.

Bytom recently switched from tokens of the standard ERC-20 for native tokens of the project. When buying BTM pay attention to what tokens you get (there are projects with similar name). Official wallet only supports native tokens of the project.


Bytom creates an interaction Protocol that allows to transmit and manage physical and digital assets. If successful, Bytom, we may be witnessing a new era licenzirovanie world in which digital assets are to submit anything, from stock companies to the land. It is too early to talk about results, but the team has already done considerable work, and the project seems quite promising.

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