Guide: Cryptocurrency Electroneum


Guide: Cryptocurrency Electroneum

At the end of September, the price Electroneum for the week rose by 230%. And while the cryptocurrency occupies 47th place in the ranking of CoinMarketCap, many before have not heard about it. Tell what it’s for cryptoprocta than he is attractive and where to buy and store tokens ETN.

The project Electroneum aimed at maximum simplification of work with cryptocurrency — now it is enough to download the app to your smartphone. Breaking down barriers related to low awareness of people about cryptocurrency, Electroneum team hopes to extend its value and extend it to the maximum audience.

An interesting feature of the project — mobile production. The application uses the CPU of the smartphone for mining cryptocurrencies while the device itself does not overheat and slightly discharges the battery. For verifying and adding blocks to the blockchain, users are rewarded.

The app aims to teach people the basics of mining. Ultimately, the team hopes to interest some users so that they started a full-fledged nodes on the computer. Such use of the processor allows the smartphone to minimize the need for production on the computer.

The project team writes:

“Mobile miners support network, and disseminate information about Electroneum. This is important to remember, because they are almost for free to attract new users and help the project develop.”

The developers Electroneum actively looking for partners interested in the development of the project. They have recently signed an agreement with XIUS — Telecom billing giant. Electroneum hopes to use this collaboration to promote their mobile apps as a way to recoup the cost of owning a smartphone.

Another partner of this project, the Japanese operator of social networking and an online store Bmedia. Its 500 thousand followers on Facebook and 10 million active users will play a key role in the marketing ETN.

The project Fanfare gives out prizes and rewards to users for downloading the videos about their favorite products. Electroneum with which it had concluded a partnership agreement in the hope that future commissions will be paid out in the ETN.

Online games

The developers hope that Electroneum will be able to replace in-game currency (like gold in World of Warcraft). Imagine how convenient it would be to take quests and to sell in-game items for the cryptocurrency, which can be easily converted to other digital coins or dollars. It not only spurred the interest in the game, but would allow her publisher to charge a fee for depositing and withdrawal of funds from the ecosystem. Creating games with support for ETN can also be an effective marketing tool. One mobile game allows you to collect ETN, driving a rocket, flying to the moon. When a character dies, the player is shown, the proceeds of which go to purchase tokens ETN paid users.


Some gambling sites are already accepting bitcoin. The problem is that to get it is not always easy. The inhabitants of many countries are unable to access or Coinbase, Gemini, and local exchanges often charge excessive fee (7% and above).

Electroneum once again hopes to improve access to the cryptocurrency and gambling sites calls to work with tokens ETN.

As mine Electroneum

As mentioned earlier, because of the resistance to ASIC mining to extract Electroneum only on conventional processors. To do this, simply join a pool and download the app. The average reward per block is about 10,000 ETN.

Where to buy Electroneum?

Currently tokens ETN available on Cryptopia and some other sites (Kucoin, Liquid). In the future, the team hopes to make a listing on Bittrex, Binance and other exchanges.

Where to store Electroneum

Manager Electroneum purses can be downloaded here.

With its help you can create online and offline wallets. The online wallet can be accessed directly from the mobile app.


If you’re new to the cryptocurrency market and do not know how to work with the exchanges, the application download Electroneum and mining coins will allow you to learn the basics of the cryptocurrency industry. If expensive ASIC miners you can’t afford it, try production Electroneum on a conventional CPU. Electroneum named in honor of an electron, but this does not prevent him to carry the positive charge to the entire cryptocurrency community.

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