Guide: Cryptocurrency Maker


Guide: Cryptocurrency Maker

Maker (MKR) is a cryptocurrency platform based on the Ethereum blockchain, which sells tokens Dai and tries to minimize their volatility. This platform smart contracts to stabilize the price of tokens Dai through a system of collateralized debt positions (CDP). The Dai token is exchanged for $1; this stability is achieved by various means, such as external market factors and economic incentives. Thus, Dai is coming to becoming the most stable cryptocurrency in the world.

These tokens are stable. This means that they can be very useful in some sectors of the economy, for example, in the gambling business, international trade, transparent accounting systems and financial markets. The risks are much less compared to all other existing cryptocurrencies, as Dai less prone to volatility because its easier to use for long-term financial planning.

History Maker (MKR)

To get access to the system Maker, it is necessary to create a secured debt position (CDP). When the debt is paid, the holder of the token Dai has full control over it. The same thing occurs when the client transfers its tokens live in the Pooled Ether (PETH). This process takes place in four stages:

The creation of CDP
Generating Dai
Approval of debt
The return of the collateral

The platform operates on the principles of DAO (decentralized Autonomous organization), that is self-token-Maker and stabilization of Dai is carried out through artificial intelligence. But human intelligence also plays an important role in this process: the owners of the tokens hold meetings, which offer different actions and improve the network.

How to buy tokens MKR Dai and

To generate the Dai can be anyone, because the platform provides access to the system to anyone who can pay a Deposit in exchange for Dai. In this case, the owner has an opportunity to dispose these assets as soon as you repay the debt, including a proportionate Commission is required to stabilize the Dai.

The token Maker can be purchased at the Ethereum blockchain: you need to first buy bitcoin or ether, for example, at Coinbase, and then trade them for Maker. Store the token-Maker in the purse MEW. In MEW you can keep any tokens created on the Ethereum platform. Currently, Dai and Maker available for purchase on a decentralized exchange Oasis (OasisDex), that you can access with a browser Ethereum.

The total amount of MKR is 1 million tokens, in circulation now are approximately 618 thousand That is just the appeal 61% of the total number of tokens, and 15% owned by the founders of the project.

Team MKR

In 2015, rune Christensen, a graduate of the University of Copenhagen with a degree in biochemistry, established Maker. Over time, the project team has grown substantially, and now has 35 people. The final member of the team was a programmer, søren Peter Nielsen, who in January of 2018 took the post of production Manager.


Maker seeking to become the first smart cryptocurrency, putting at the forefront of stability and growth. This means that due to the stability of Dai will soon be possible to use the digital currency for financial activities, and the Maker will be the most popular cryptocurrency.

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