Hacked exchange Zaif received the third warning from the FSA of Japan




Japanese financial services Agency (FSA) issued the third warrant, addressed to the owner of the compromised cryptocurrency exchange Zaif, Tech Bureau.

As previously reported, in breach of security on the stock exchange Zaif on September 14, the hackers managed to steal cryptocurrency assets in the amount of 6.7 billion yen (about 59,7 million dollars) belonging to the end user and the exchange. The financial services Agency has ordered the Tech Bureau to improve business processes in March and then in June of this year.

The FSA believes that the Tech Bureau investigation about the causes of the recent break-in, as well as their response to questions was insufficient. Although the company reported that on Friday, September 21, in the course of negotiations with the Fisco Group was of the received financial support in the amount of 5 billion yen, the FSA said that it did not receive a specific report on this issue from the company directly.

The FSA investigation

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