Hackers are disappointed in Cryptocoryne and returned to the virus-extortionists


Hackers are disappointed in Cryptocoryne and returned to the virus-extortionists

Experts of American company in the fight against cybercrime Malwarebytes believe that a popular method of cryptoheros again are viruses ransomware, although in the recent past they preferred scriptordering. Experts believe that the reason for the change of tactics was the protracted decline of the cryptocurrency market, as well as new measures for the protection of the hidden mining.

According to the website Venturebeat, citing assessments by experts of Malwarebytes, in the third quarter of 2018, the number of cyber attacks on various companies grew by 55% compared to the previous period. Such data are contained in the quarterly report Malwarebytes Labs called “Tactics and techniques of cybercrime”. According to the document, in the third quarter of the virus— ransomware again began to dominate in the field of cyber crime, while in the first half of the year their number was declining.

According to experts, the attacks took a more sophisticated character. In addition, now hackers are more interested in the company (mostly banks) than ordinary consumers: the latter began to attack only 4% more than last quarter.

In the third quarter appeared 40 new species of ransomware. The cases when hackers via Trojans trying to steal valuable corporate information.

As for cryptogamia, according to Malwarebytes, in recent months there has been a decline in criminal activity this kind of: in the third quarter, it decreased by 26%.

During the first half of the year scriptordering was the predominant type of cybercrime. Accordingly, many companies have changed their policies and adopted measures to protect.

In the network appeared in a variety of materials with tips on how to detect the fact of cryptogamia. Also, for example, the Chrome browser banned scripts and extensions that allowed criminals to carry out covert mining.

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