Hackers from North Korea group Lazarus stole 571 million dollars


The North Korean hacker group Lazarus stole more than half a billion dollars in the cryptocurrency, the Next Web reported, citing a report dealing with the cybersecurity firm Group-IB.

In the annual report dealing with the cybersecurity firm Group-IB reported that from January 2017 group from North Korea Lazarus successfully hacked 14 kryptomere stealing 571 million dollars in the cryptocurrency.

Representatives of the intelligence Agency of South Korea in February began to accuse North Korea in the theft of cryptocurrency for a few billion won and continued hacking attempts exchanges, although the Lazarus group was not mentioned separately.

Also in the report, Group-IB noted that only from 2017, the year of the cryptocurrency exchanges have been stolen 882 million dollars in the cryptocurrency. The company’s experts believe that the number of attacks on cryptocurrency exchanges will only increase as specializing on hacking traditional financial institutions, the hackers are starting to pay attention to a new sector.

The most frequently used methods by hackers, according to Group-IB, are phishing, social engineering and the spread of viruses. The main “attack vectors” are phishing attacks with the aim of spreading viruses:

“After the local network is successfully compromised, the hackers are browsing for workstations and servers, working with personal cryptocurrency wallets”

Moreover, according to analysts of Group-IB, hackers managed to pick up 10% of all collected during the ICO campaign funds, mostly using phishing attacks. Analysts also predict that the mining pools will be the next desirable goal of the hackers, which they can apply the attack 51%. This month, Group-IB also said that in Russia this year, the number of daily successful phishing attacks increased by 34%.

Recall that in August, experts on cyber security from Kaspersky Lab reported that the group of Lazarus developed the cryptocurrency-stealing virus already for MacOS. Version of the analytical team AlienVault, the group is also involved in the hacking of South Korean exchange Bithumb.

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