Hackers stole 50 million Trade tokens.io. The fate of the startup in question


The criminals are brought from a cold wallet of the cryptocurrency project at $7.8 million. Now the company executives are discussing the possibility of hard forks

Monday, October 22, the startup team Trade.io reported the break-in. Representatives of the project wrote that hackers stole 50 million tokens TIO from a cold wallet — about $7.8 million on the current average market rate over the past day it has decreased on 11%.


Criminals moved about 1.3 million stolen tokens on the trading floor Bancor and Kucoin. Both exchanges blocked the opportunity to work with the cryptocurrency at the request of the Trade.io.

The startup team said that they had used the recommended cold storage and safe Deposit box in a Bank. Now the developers are studying the possibility of hard forks, after which the stolen tokens will be useless. Company representatives will report on the decision in the next few days.

The Project Trade.io is in Switzerland, in January of this year, he has raised more than $31 million in the result of the ICO. In July, the company launched the exchange, the first phase may only work 1,000 users.

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