Hackers stole cash with the help of app MEGA


4 Sep has information about hacking browser extension for Chrome MEGA. With the built-in program malicious code, the hackers collected the usernames and passwords to log in to user accounts and then used the information to steal your cryptocurrency.

After installing the updates for the MEGA 3.39.4 request permission to access data on all websites. Many users reacted suspiciously and removed the app from the browser. The administration interface for creating cryptocurrency wallets MyEtherWallet warned customers about the threat and advised to immediately remove the program. In response to reports of hacking app, Google has removed the MEGA from the Chrome Web store. However, criticism of employees of the Corporation do not cease, according to experts, Google does not properly validate source files before adding them to its platform.

At the moment the user MEGA has not commented on the situation. According to experts, the incident occurred either as a result of hacking the account of MEGA company in the Google app store, or the result of criminal intent of the developers of the extension. Company MEGA downloaded in the Chrome Web Store a new version of the program 3.39.5, which does not contain a virus and does not threaten user safety.

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