Hackers targeting cryptocurrency wallets cheaters in Fortnite


Specializing in cyber security company Malwarebytes Labs reported the spread of malware under the guise of apps designed to change the game settings (“trainer”) in the popular online game Fortnite Battle Royale. In fact, the program is designed to steal user information, including credentials of cryptocurrency wallets.

Experts of a California company discovered on YouTube a video in which under the guise of trainer players offered to download a malicious application to data theft disguised as a tool to activate cheats.

At that time, YouTube channel, spreading the link to download and malware, more than 700 subscribers, and the video itself looked about 2200 users. After clicking the link, potential victims were asked to subscribe to the feed for download fake trainer.

As the analysis of the file, after starting the application the information stored on the user’s computer, such as browser sessions or sessions on the largest digital distribution platform Steam is sent to IP address registered in Russia. In addition, special interest fake trainer shows cryptocurrency wallets, particularly Electrum.

“At that time the file has downloaded 1207 users. It’s on 1207 downloads more than you should. Given the current popularity of Fortnite is a guaranteed way to steal information,” – said the experts of Malwarebytes Labs.

Recently there has been an increase in the number of attacks aimed at owners of cryptocurrency wallets. So, previously, the company Segasec published the results of studies showing that the popular cryptocurrency wallet MyEtherWallet is the hacker’s goal more often than the banks of the Fortune Global 500.

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