Half of South Korean kryptomere eliminated gaps in security systems


Half of South Korean kryptomere eliminated gaps in security systems

The South Korean government released the results of the monitoring kryptomere conducted in June-July. 11 inspection of the 21 were able to resolve the most urgent problems in security systems.

Summer check is part of an ongoing campaign aimed at improving the standards of local operators of cryptocracy.

The experts of the Ministry of science and technology and the Korean Agency for Internet and security (KISA) has verified the correction of deficiencies found in January-March.

A list of criteria they were guided, included 17 points — six concerned urgent measures, and 11 — control system wallets of users.

The focus of the audit was given to such aspects as the duties of the employees responsible for the security and management system a password management system Deposit and withdrawal of funds from accounts, as well as monitoring systems purses on the subject of unusual or suspicious transactions.

11 of 21 exchange failed to fulfill urgent requirements raised at the previous audit. In addition, 8 of them managed to considerably improve the control system of the wallets.

According to local press, this gorgeous eight entered Upbit, Bithumb, Korbit, Coinnest, Coinlink, Coinone, Coinplug and Huobi Korea.

However, the time to address the shortcomings there is still the final round of testing of safety systems scheduled for September. Officials emphasize that new crypto currency exchange are also obliged to be tested for compliance with all requirements for market participants.

“Insufficient security level cripture makes us recall the increased care required for this type of investment. We will continue to test the crypto currency exchange on the subject of if they managed to increase the level of security,” — said the representative of the Ministry of information and communication of South Korea.

So the September test is not limited to — the authorities underline that the hacking of the South Korean kryptomere caused substantial damage to their customers, and that most of them still have work to do in terms of improving safety.

Therefore, it is assumed that such tests will be held on a regular basis in the future.

Recall that the South Korean crypto currency exchange Bithumb hacked in the night from 19 to 20 June. It was the second case in a month of hacking South Korean stock exchange in early June of $40 million as the result of a cyber-attack has missed Coinrail.

At the end of June Bithumb said that thanks to the prompt reaction has managed to regain almost half, or $13 million stolen by hackers with $30 million

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