Hardwork Constantinople in the test network Ropsten ended in failure


Hardwork Constantinople in the test network Ropsten ended in failure

“Due to a problem with the consensus after activation of the hard forks Constantinople Ropsten network is temporarily not functioning — announced Twitter channel Infura, infrastructure services Air. — The developers of Ethereum trying to solve the problem. Until further notice, please use another testnet Ethereum”.

Network Ropsten lies still. The problem is not detected and not corrected. It arose after activation, 13 Oct 2018 Protocol Constantinople. Nothing boded trouble, but on the block 4299999 mining in a test network Ropsten stalled. This could happen for two reasons: either the miners didn’t want to activate Constantinople, or any problems with the code base updates.

“This means that the network is not a proven unit, wrote one of the users of Gitter channel for developers of Ethereum. — Never do the forks on the weekend.”

After two hours of waiting the first unit with the support of Constantinople is still there. The developers breathed a sigh of relief, but their joy was premature: the power 4230000 there was not a single transaction. It is said that after the activation of the Protocol the network is experiencing “the problem of consensus.”

Afri Sudan, developer and head of technical documentation Department Parity Technologies, said that because of problems during testing in 2018, hardwork Constantinople will not be held: the Protocol needs improvement.

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