Hasrat, bitcoin has set a new record growth — plus 35% in two days


Hasrat, bitcoin has set a new record growth — plus 35% in two days

How can it be called “bear” market? This week, Hasrat bitcoin took another record high, thereby increasing the network’s most popular cryptocurrency in the world.

62 trillion!

Now a new record is 62 trillion hashes per second. This means a 40 percent increase in August and a 35 percent growth over the last two days.

A new record was set only a few weeks after he was diagnosed figure 50 quintillion hashes per second.

The current records for Hasrat impressive, despite the 80% retracement of bitcoin since then, she has reached the highs at the end of last year. In addition, over the past six months the level Hasrat network has grown more than 150%.

The price goes for hasraton?

A staggering growth Hasrat directly reflected on the new miners, which this year without any hesitation to invest in equipment, despite the sluggish price of bitcoin.

Financial analyst, a former trader on wall street and host of the Keiser Report Max Keiser confirmed his belief that “price follows hasraton” and now we should expect a new high prices.

He tweeted:

Based on its analysis [Hasrat], I can say that there will be a new record price for the $28 000 still in play.

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