HOQU: “alleged Scam” or “allegedly ICO”?


HOQU: “alleged Scam” or “allegedly ICO”?

Russia. These days. The action of the series revolves around ICO project HOQU.

“The world’s first decentralized marketing platform HOQU allows advertisers and partners to work directly, without intermediaries, guaranteeing a fair deal from the CPA model with smart contract”, — reports the website of the project.

According Icodrops, during completed in January 2018 ICO’s project has collected $18 782 400 of $33 200 000 is needed, that is, 57%. The data on Icorating match. Both resources Alexander Doinikov listed as a co-founder. Roman Kaufmann (aka Mikhalev) appears on Icodrops as CVO — Director of positioning. On Icorating he just listed the teams. In the White paper on the official website of the project (pages 42-46), Alexander is presented as the “co-Founder, chief Operating officer HOQU”, and the novel — as “Executive Director”.

And so they clashed.

7 Sep Roman published an article on Medium: “HOQU. Which brought investors ‘ money?”, in which he accused the HOQU in a multitude of sins: stealing funds, murky schemes and riotous lifestyle. Same-day article on the same site, he replied Alexander.

In this conflict the novel plays the role of a young d’artagnan, who against all. Alexander in the role of d’artagnan older, who have for all.

Below is a brief summary of the pilot episode of the series.

1. Information about the team of co-founders

“So, let’s start in order. In 5 the founders: Alexey Shmona, Roman Kaufmann (Mikhalev), Alexander, Doinikov, Andrei Doinikov, Maxim Anikeev,” writes Roman. It should be noted that throughout the text of the Novel, the name “Maxim Anikeev” written that way. No uppercase letters.

Alexander retorted: “the project founder 4, 5th off in November 2017”. Why, how and where the “fell off” the “5th” — were not disclosed. Further in the text Alexander is found the phrase: “Starts =) Organizer ICO writes fierce crap about collected funds”. From this proposal it can be concluded that the novel was one of the founders of the project.

In this round, the parties almost came to a consensus.

2. The causes of the conflict

Roman accuses administration of HOQU in refusing to provide information about the state of Affairs, the squandering of investor funds and the pressure on him: “for several months I’m trying to get from the rest of the founders at least some information on the expenditure of funds, product development, and developers about where it was withdrawn almost 75% of all scriptactive”.

Alexander argues that the cost of the Novel reported regularly, but the true reason of the conflict: “Kaufman hoped that he will succeed by blackmail and extortion to grab some part of the money project.”


3. What happened to the 75%

One of the charges of the Novel: “In 6 months someone from the founders, successfully translated the lion’s share of the assets and now all the information is hidden… Trust only the facts, I would like to publicly ask: where were withdrawn 75% of all assets and almost $7 million immediately after the ICO?”

Response to Alexander: “Obviously, all the collected funds were distributed for security purposes. A few days after licensee there were attempts of threats from third parties affiliated with by the way by Kaufman. As a result, all funds in a safe place and spent strictly for the project HOQU”.

This round is another tie.

4. Where are the cars?

Cars. Who doesn’t like them. Roman accuses team members HOQU that after tocancel they spent investors ‘ money on expensive cars. “Drew attention to the purchase of luxury cars Porsche Panamera and the most expensive in its segment, the Lexus LX 570” — makes an attack novel. As evidence of the moral decline of the founders HOQU he gives a screen shot of correspondence with “Maxim” where he writes about wanting to buy the “Lamborghini Urus for $1 000 000”.

Alexander responds effectively. He writes that for a long time not poor, and in addition: “the Guys have been doing business for over 10 years and lead a luxurious life at least the last eight years”. He offers to look to his Instagram and enjoy the images of its Panamera, Dating back to the year 2014.

In a retaliatory move Alexander could be awarded the victory in this round. However, his Instagram page is private, so, alas, look at his Panamera in 2014 failed. Regarding the “Lamborghini Urus” that no one saw her.

Alexander looks convincing, but the proof is there.

5. How are you doing in the Caucasus?

“After analysis of transactions and awkward questions to founders of the project HOQU, I started receiving threats from the persons of Caucasian nationality, a visit to my house and meetings in the centre”, — says Roman. Impressive photo of a strong and fearsome Chechen fighters, published in his article. However, it is possible to assert with confidence that the photo is nothing more than KDPW, not the “those” guys who came just to speak with Roman. The often found online at sites like “Voice of Islam”.

Alexander was not in debt stay. Alternatively, Caucasians, he chose a local criminal group: “Let also tell, as addressed in Podolsk OPG, and a Sultan nightmares Maksim and his family.”

This round is another tie. Who will prevail in opposition to the “Caucasians vs Podolsk OPG” — is unclear.

6. So how much money is collected?

According to the independent portals — $18 782 400 (this was mentioned above). According to the Roman: “Yes, we do, the whole team had a successful ICO, which attracted over 27 million (and possibly more)”.

Alexander’s answer: “That he writes that now it is less than $4 million? Hard Cap of any project on the air tied to the rate of the ETH, not the dollar. At the time of the launch the ICO course was about $400, and at the time of completion is $1300. Real fees are not even covered Hard Cap and was stopped only at the request of the community. Considering the fact that then the air began its decline, which continues to this day, the likelihood that the collected funds are not enough for the project, is growing rapidly.”

Alexander’s argument convincing, but eventually lost all the air is not growing.

7. Where does the money go?

This is the main question that concerns all investors. Roman: “Alex Shmona, brothers Doinikova, Maxim Anikeev, where it spent over 75% of investors funds?” “And have they been removed? You can proof other than unsubstantiated accusations?”, — responds Alexander.

Well, this…

8. And then what?

The novel calls not to remain silent and to uphold justice: “P/S. dear investors, if you want to recover their money, leave your contact below this post. We are preparing class-action lawsuits”. It should be noted that at the time of writing, comments to the text of the Novel appeared two messages with different accounts with the text “Thank you for the article ! I would like to recover their investment, my contact details….”. Word for word. And a space between the word “article” and an exclamation point.

Alexander believes in a bright future of the project: “Considering the fact that then the air began its decline, which continues to this day, the likelihood that the collected funds are not enough for the project, is growing rapidly. However, this is not a problem, because the real founders of the project are interested in HOQU in business and not as means to easy money and escape to USA to his family. Therefore, the project will be invested by the founders in case of need”.

At the time of writing this line 808 readers Medium “patted” the Novel, 258 — Alexander.

The editors sent the two conflicting parties a list of questions. This morning, in response, Roman sent a link to published yesterday (11 September) the text Medium, which leads, in his words, “the original letter, which was received early investors and perhaps the media.” Supposedly it was sent by the team HOQU. There are still a lot of alleged proof of the fact that this is supposedly a terrible Scam. Interestingly, in the text appear again allegedly Caucasians, and the amount that the affair allegedly demanded in the form of premiums increased from 500 to 1500 ETC. Then the team supposedly sparked the conflict.

The novel gives many new facts which, in his opinion, can testify to the perfidy of the team HOQU and ends with the text of the invitation: “meet me in any format for information about the large-scale withdrawal of the project, and propose to require from the authors of the full report, and in his absence, to support the referral to the competent authorities, it is still possible to stop the violations and to return the funds”.

Alexander is silent.

The end of the pilot episode.

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