HOQU-pocus: comments Alexander Dudnikova


HOQU-pocus: comments Alexander Dudnikova

So, the next part of the series about the adventures of HOQU in Russia. Summaries of the pilot.

One of the organizers of the project — a novel Kaufman (aka Mikhalev), accused the rest of the organizers of fraud.

Another organizer of the project — Alexander Doinikov told him.

At the time of completion of the project licensee HOQU collected almost $19 million, which has now turned into a $3.5 million According to others, of money collected more than $27 million, and they’ve become known what. Perhaps, among other things, Porsche Panamera and Lexus the organizers of the project. Maybe not.

Main characters: Roman and Alexander. The first claims that everyone stole everything. Second — that all will be well.

After the publication of H#T pilot responded Alexander and responded to questions.

And again about cars

Alexander was “in shock from questions about Panamera” and told us that “kaufmanesque lie just for the armchair analysts work.” It’s a shame. The author wanted quite a bit — to access Instagram Alexander and get a little proof. Access your Instagram Alexander is not given, but sent in PM photos with comments: “I had a Panamera 4s 2014, in 2017 I sold it for 2.1 million rubles. Then I lived in America (birth daughter). Arrived for the New year and right after NG bought fresher for 2.9 million (added 800 Tr)”.

Words and photo by Alexander prove nothing, but if a man once allowed himself a Porsche Panamera, it is easy to assume that he can afford it again.

Round to give to Alexander Dudnikova — imputed Roman Kaufman charged with buying a brand new machine for the investors ‘ funds unconvincing.

To close the question about cars, Alexander sent screen shots of correspondence with Roman about the Lexus and added a few words: “Kaufman writes, that my brother bought a Lexus allegedly stolen funds. And sends all their emails but not all. You understand that Kaufman is aware that no money did not take. And now it’s all a provocation, part of blackmail and extortion. Lexus purchased from our organization, which HOQU not connected and there is a lot of years.”

I would like to stay neutral in this story, but difficult.

The transfer of funds

“Take 1000 projects and view their smart after: all tokens go wallets. It is standard practice for the country where we live. First, it reduces the risks. Secondly, it is diversification of assets.

If you look at the blockchain transaction data, half of these tokens are kept untouched from that period, as they lie on the cold wallets”.

Everything is logical. But there are options.

Cost and manipulation of the calculations

“Spend as costs. But the findings of large sums was not. Moreover, all operations novel leads at the exchange rate at the time to draw a handsome amount of $7 million And really the whole tocancel is at the current rate of no more than $3.5 million was spent on the crypt project is not at the rate of 1000-1300”.

Convincing. But there may be different versions of the story.

About the cause of the conflict

“The conflict began when Roman began to threaten us and staff in may 2018. In November last year, the novel has been neglected for a project and went to the United States, to develop their community IBCGx. Things were bad at the time, the market was at the bottom. The money was out, new contributors nearly didn’t buy tokens. To not return the crypt “privatim”, a novel by Srul from the project. Two months is not declared, then to say that did not happen, because the remaining founders spent the entire crypt on ineffective advertising, and it has nothing to do with it. But at the end of December, the market turned around and quickly closed hardcap. It is here that he showed up with the words: “We’re good, we’re a team!” Cofounder at that time he was not”.

The fate

“The project will be implemented HOQU, no matter what. We’re in the homestretch. Plan to exhibit at the conference in Las Vegas on 5 January to look for customers. The product itself will be ready for operation in January,” writes Alexander.


But whatever it was for the series, if everyone was limited to only two series! To be continued — today the lawyer of the Novel, Kaufman has published a press release pobivali the outcome of the situation. Lawyer calls for a “transparent discussion”. Hope you don’t mind? We — for.

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