How brands Troll each other


How brands Troll each other

Some brands have chosen an unusual form of communication — trolling. Genre is a fine game, consisting of protrusions of the disadvantages of closest competitors that would be able to exalt in the eyes of the buyer the customer’s product. And if it does not sound so entertaining, the result, in most cases, exceeds all expectations: the audience like to watch a clever confrontation between the parties. Especially offended if the Respondent decides to strike back. Today we offer you to get acquainted with the most interesting, from our humble point of view, advertising campaigns and constructed in such a way.

Samsung vs Apple

Was 2018. In the United States still have not introduced the law under which the two brands would not have the right to oppose each other in the creation of advertising. In the background is so attractive loopholes, representatives Samsung have decided to create a whole advertising campaign, which was, of course, Apple.

And all would have ended as in the last action, when in their promotional video they showed the way the awareness of inferiority ablational from their ardent fan:

…however, this time Samsung has decided zatrollit Apple more enchanting. For this, they have created several series of rollers. They had recreated the Apple store, which, of course, guests are met by the seller consultant.

At the end of the video, the consultant demonstrates a tattoo on the fingers, on which are emblazoned the words “not a genius”. This move is a reference to the tradition of Apple to call their employees advising customers in stores, geniuses. Not European appearance of the main character as it alludes to the contingent employees (a moment of racism in the air).

Then, without further ADO, go to the actual videos:

Representatives of Apple yet suffer, without retaliation. Though earlier, at the dawn of the company, Steve jobs did not hesitate to dance on the shortcomings of other brands, in the course of merciless PR first iPhones.

Wendy’s vs McDonald’s

Even considering the fact that most people in our country the name of the restaurant chain Wendy’s doesn’t ring a bell, this match definitely deserves attention.

The war started two fast food chains with a banal desire to Wendy’s to grab a share of the popularity of such veteran market as McDonald’s. As a strategy, in the best tradition of advertising, it was decided to beat on the sore spots. Battlefields were chosen social network, or to be more specific, Twitter.

Despite the fact that, obviously, this is hard trolling clearly is a team of copywriters Wendy’s or just a witty account Manager, users prefer to humanize the image of the naughty girls, which is a symbol of the network. At the exit there is a kind of a daring Wendy who loves to tease and make fun of McDonald’s.

Here are a few tweets:

— What is the price of a big Mac?
Wendy’s: It will be equal to the price of your dignity.
— I’m in McDonald’s, what do I do?
Wendy’s: you Need to go as soon as possible.

McDonald’s: Today we are pleased to inform you that from mid-2018 burgers in most of our restaurants will be prepared from fresh meat.
Wendy’s: so you want to say that up to this point you used frozen meat in most of their restaurants? So, clarify for reference.

— Wendy’s, my friends want to go to McDonald’s, what should I answer them?
— Wendy’s: Find new friends.

— Wendy’s, can you help me find the nearest McDonald’s?
Wendy’s: (response was to throw a picture of a garbage can).

And if in the case of Samsung and Apple last chose the position “we won’t pay attention to the unworthy”, in the case of McDonald’s confrontation had a different turn. In July 2018, the network appeared the following tweet:

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