How changed the price of Ethereum for the year


How changed the price of Ethereum for the year

News background has a serious impact on the value of Ethereum and the capitalization of the stock market. We present to your attention the major events that shaped the course of coins over the last year.

2017 August 2

Due to the massive influx of members wishing to invest in ICO token-based Ethereum network literally could not resist the pressure. The project team began to develop options for scaling.

19 Aug

The news was released that hardwork Metropolis is scheduled for the end of September. With the help of the project team intends to accelerate the transition from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake.

12 Sep

In the network appeared the information according to which Metropolis you will be able to emphasize the technical problems of Ethereum. The team continues to work on improving the system.

23 Sep

Cryptologist received news of the forced transfer of hard forks Byzantium (the first phase of Metropolis). The deadline was postponed due to the unavailability of the technical component.

12 Oct

On Nasdaq Stockholm, thanks to the initiatives CoinShares, users now have access to securities Ethereum.

16 Oct acne Buterin officially announced that Bizantium had taken place.
2 Nov

At the conference, Devcon, acne Buterin presented to the public a long-term plan for the development of Ethereum. The main field work was indicated scaling.

27 Nov

The community was provided with an updated road map of the project. The main challenge was the marked increase to the extent Visa and Mastercard.

29 Nov

The public became aware of the fact that the test network Casper, with a large percentage of probability, will be launched at a much earlier time. The main objective of the work was to determine the viability of the developed Protocol through which can be realised by the transition to Proof-Of-Stake.

11 Dec

The representative of the Ethereum Parity Technologies made a proposal about hard forks, by which it would be possible to release blocked due to the vulnerabilities of the system $160 million from the wallets of users (previously, November 6, user under the name devopps199 reported freezing on GitHub).

27 Dec

The audience was presented a new solution to the problems of scalability of the project – Like Plasma (response to network congestion due to CryptoKitties).

2018 3 January

Acne Buterin shared with the audience information about the launch of two programs, whose main task will be solving problems of scale. The project team noted that the grants that they are willing to spend on the removal of technical imperfections, can exceed $1 million.

15 Jan

It produced a tighter control of turnover of cryptocurrency and conduct of the ICO on the part of Chinese authorities, which negatively affected the whole market and Ethereum in particular.

27 Jan

Acne Buterin announced that the work on the first part of sharding (scalability) was successfully completed.

9 Feb

Ethereum has acquired immense popularity in the environment of cybercrime. Becoming aware of cases of fundraising under the guise of the names of popular people, among which was lit acne Buterin and Elon Musk. There are known cases of money receiving about $5000.

February 23

Through research had identified the presence of 34 200 vulnerable smart contracts in Ethereum.

March 10

Cryptologist details became known of the scale of the project Plasma, due to which acne Buterin intended to significantly increase the potential processing power of the network.

11 Mar

Popular captainvalor John McAfee shared with the audience their thoughts, according to which the Ethereum project is the only full-featured cryptocurrency of all, present in the market.

30 Mar

It was launched payment solution Request Network, through which the focus of attention was on the Ethereum blockchain.


Acne Buterin issued a rebuttal to previously published limitations of the total issue of coins.

25 APR

The development team of the project made an announcement that the previously blocked funds on the wallets Parity can become a serious security risk to the system. Debates on the possibilities of changing the basic code.

May 17

Despite the active demonstration of his negative attitude towards cryptocurrencies, the Chinese authorities still continue to follow their progress. To do this, their supply was created in the Ethereum took first place. Our rating considers the efficiency of financial instrument and level of safety.

June 12

Unknown hackers, by hacking, was able to seize the amount of air equivalent to $20 million.

15 Jun

The representative of the CBOE addressed the crowd with a loud statement, according to which now there are no obstacles for launch of futures contracts on Ethereum.

3 Jul

The experts recorded a significant increase in the cost of transactions on the network. By assumption, participants in the crypto community, Ethereum has been carried out the attack.

13 Jul

With the publication of a report by Kaspersky Lab became aware of the fact that from the network it was stolen about 21 000 ETH. According to experts, the hackers used social engineering.

17 Jul

Acne Buterin made an announcement, which stated that a recent attack on the network (which has increased considerably the Commission), resulted in losses amounting to $15 million.

18 Jul

The audience was presented to the client Parity Ethereum v2.0.0.

27 Jul

The developers have shared with kriptosmartfon starting work on testing Constantinople (the second phase of Metropolis).

13 Aug

The price reached a historical low of $300. A serious fall caused a new wave of sales.

16 Aug

CEO of BitMEX appeared before the public with statements that in the near future Ethereum will fall to $ 100.

22 Aug

The war continues against skamnia Google Play apps, designed to steal the aether from users.

We decided to ask the opinion of professionals about what events for the project are of greatest interest.

Venture investor Alexander Krasavin believes that the power of Ethereum in the possibility of recovery after serious problems:
— Ethereum was called the “second bitcoin” from the moment of entering the market. In 2014, a year after the presentation of the world of cryptocurrencies we have started collecting the investment, the amount of which for several months has achieved more ?32 thousand of the project includes a huge number of partners, including companies such as Microsoft. One year Ethereum has become the second most popular currency in the world — its market capitalization has reached $1 billion.

A significant event can be called a “revival” of the currency in 2016 after the fall. Then the hacking of the system led to losses estimated at $ 50 million, after which the exchange rate fell by a third. The company’s management came to a radical solution – despite the negative attitude of many programmers and investors were HARDtalk (complete rescheduling of the project, change the blockchain technology), and by the end of 2016 Ethereum again took the leading position after bitcoin.

Journalist and captainvalor Oleg Chebotarev believes that the most significant events from Ethereum is yet to come:
— Ethereum is one of the most promising cryptocurrency of our time and a truly revolutionary development. Speaking about the major and most important events in the history of the development of this project, I would highlight some of the fundamental dates.

It all started in late 2013 with a theoretical substantiation of the young genius Vitalik Butterini new platform Ethereum General scripting language. 30 July 2015 — the launch of the blockchain, Ethereum a distributed digital database. 16 June 2016 — theft $50 million because of the error in the code, that in the course of a heated debate in the community, the hard forks to the first network and the creation of a Ethereum Classic.

For Russia is also important and August of 2017, when the Ethereum Foundation and head of Vnesheconombank, Sergey Gorkov, signed a partnership agreement that includes joint training of specialists in the field of blockchain, which once again confirmed the status of our country as an advanced platform for the development of new technologies.

And in General, of course, I think the main events of the Ethereum yet to come is the introduction of privacy of transactions and changing the network Protocol.

George Gugnin, Ambassador Mile Unity Foundation believes that the danger lies in the principle of “code as law”:

— I believe that in the history of Ethereum most significant event — the post Vitalik Buterin “ok guys can you just stop trading”, addressed to the stock exchanges after hacked The DAO.

It confirmed two points. Full decentralization does not happen, there are always people that are actively developing the project. Most ordinary users need these leaders, so does the human society. The principle of the law code is extremely dangerous because code can be negotation. Even bitcoin was a case of the rollback of the blockchain into several blocks back when in 2013, the year a hacker used the bug, and has accrued a huge amount of currency.

According to the founder Investy, Alexei Pershin, the main event – the start of work on the project:

— I think that the most important in the history of the Ethereum development was the holding of ICO, because without this important stage in the development of the project would be impossible and now ETH didn’t exactly take the second place in terms of capitalization.


Over the last year Ethereum has experienced a lot. The oppression of the common market, and some unresolved problems were able to lower the price of coins to local minima, but the project team remains confident in its bright future.

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