How futures affect the price of the cryptocurrency


The widespread belief that the bitcoin’s price decreases before the date of expiry of fixed-term contracts, in fact, unfounded

Futures markets are slightly too small compared to stock trading, so they do not affect the value of bitcoin, analysts said the company Cindicator. They published a study that examined the movement rate of the first cryptocurrency with approaching expiry dates of futures contracts.

Experts said that over the last years, the market was strong bearish sentiment, that they were the reason for the decline in value of the digital assets rather than futures. For example, in may it happened due to the fact that the bitcoin price could not rise above the level of $10,000.

“There is no Golden rule for trading based on the expiry dates of futures,” wrote the experts.

Earlier similar opinion was expressed by a top Manager of the Chicago stock exchange CME Tim McCourt. He is confident that futures contracts may have an impact on the market of digital money, as they constitute only a small part of it.

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