How mine 1 bitcoin?


How mine 1 bitcoin? This question torments many newcomers in the mining of cryptocurrencies. How correct such wording of the question and how much time is mining the same coin, we will consider in this article. Just want to note that the publication will be unheard of magnitude, to achieve in real life for many it will be simply impossible!

How mine 1 bitcoin: calculations

So, theoretically, bitcoin new blocks are found every 10 minutes, so having enough power, you can get 12.5 bitcoins in this period of time. In order to have a chance to get the reward for a block in solo, you will need to develop the capacity of its equipment to a value of, approximately, a 2.5 TH/s, which is equal to the current difficulty of the bitcoin network.

Besides, we should not forget about the pools that have more powerful Hasrat, and accordingly, will quickly find blocks. For example, one of the largest mining pools today F2Pool has Hasrat 935 PH/s. This figure will be the benchmark to which to strive to obtain blocks of their own with a periodicity of approximately 10 minutes.

To develop such Hasrat without a pool is impossible. Calculations show that for such Hasrat You’ll need about 70,000 Asimov Antminer S9. The cost of the device is simply incredible, moreover, it is worth to remember about the energy and shock absorption.

It turns out that the answer to the question, how mine 1 bitcoin can be submitted in several interpretations:

1) every 10 minutes, you can get 12.5 bitcoins, respectively, when recalculated to 1 bitcoin can be obtained in less than 1 minute, but this is assuming that you have 70 thousand Usikov Antminer S9.

2) When using standard extraction equipment, whose power average is in the range of several tens of TH/s, the mining process may last not only for months but for years.

What does it take to get 1 bitcoin a day?

Calculator profit for cryptocurrency mining, we calculated what the power equipment you need to get 1 bitcoin a day. Mine we Atikah that are sharpened by the SHA-256 algorithm. So the first calculation will produce without taking into account the costs of electricity. The result of the selection showed that for the extraction of approximately 1 bitcoin per day required capacity of 9300 TH/s. This is equal to almost Hasrat 690 pieces Antminer S9.

Now enter the calculation still electricity. Again, the method of scientific spear and selection allowed us to calculate that the 690 pieces Antminer S9 will consume about 970 kWh per day, at a cost of 1 kW at the time of writing, will equal the cost in 2 thousand dollars. In General, such iterations with the addition of equipment and new calculations of energy consumption we needed a few more. In the end, we got to get 1 bitcoin a day it will take us about 11500 TH/s Hasrat that corresponds to the power with S9 851 Antminer power consumption in 1190 kWh per day.

I hope that the question of how much mine 1 bitcoin and to the extent possible today, will no longer torment your minds.

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