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Tell how much you have to pay for cryptocurrency transactions at Coinbase, Kraken, Gemini and Binance and whether there are cheaper options.

I decided to buy my first bitcoin, but I don’t know what exchange we take the lowest Commission? First, we understand, with whom and for what undertake the Commission.

Maker or market maker is someone who provides liquidity to the market by posting limit orders, i.e. orders to buy or sell with a limit price, thus helping “make the market” (make the market, hence the maker). For adding volume in the order book makers are rewarded with a reduced fee.

Teyker is the one who places an order (buy or sell) at the market price, that is, the order is executed immediately (roughly speaking, takes what the market is, therefore, teyker, from the English take, take). As such participants pick up from the market liquidity, their Commission is usually somewhat higher.Most of the exchange taking either a fixed Commission or a percentage of the 30-day trading volume. Compare the fee on Coinbase, Kraken, Gemini and Binance.


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Coinbase is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. Registered in San Francisco-based company, the number of users more than the brokerage firm Charles Schwab. Last year, after the Chicago Mercantile exchange started trading futures on bitcoins, the number of users of Coinbase grew by 100 thousand people. The popularity of this exchange is largely due to the fact that it is simple in comparison with other trading platforms the interface through which even beginner traders can easily engage in cryptocurrency trading.

Platform Coinbase to buy cryptocurrency separately or in packages with optional Coinbase Bundle. It is important to keep in mind that Coinbase is not as traditional exchange — in the sense that it brings together orders for purchase and sale. It is a cryptocurrency wallet, selling tokens directly to buyers. Therefore, here a different structure of commissions, in which no commissions maker and teyker.

When it comes to buying one cryptocurrency, Coinbase will charge the greater of two fees: either a fixed which depends on the transaction amount, or a variable, depending on the amount, location, user and method of payment.

Here’s how it looks. Coinbase charges a fixed fee of $1.99 for purchasing cryptocurrency in amount from $25 to $50. In addition, the Commission is taken to 3.99% per transaction made through credit card. That is, if the user buys credit card cryptocurrency for $25, a variable fee will be $0,99, but a fixed sum of $1.99. Since the fixed fee will be higher, Coinbase will charge the user a $1.99. For traders, buying cryptocurrency on the amount over $300, such transactions will be expensive.

Some users recommend traders interested in transactions for large amounts to transfer money from Coinbase wallet to Coinbase Pro (formerly known as GDAX), in order not to pay the fee. Coinbase Pro operates as a normal exchange commissions maker and teyker. The Board maker is always equal to zero, and the Board of teyker may be from 0.1% to 0.3% depending on the amount of the transaction.

Traders who are interested in purchasing multiple currencies, can use Coinbase Bundle and buy a pack of five cryptocurrencies, with a cost of $25.

The platform charges a Commission for the exchange of each cryptocurrency in this package depending on how many coins you buy, and what is their market capitalization.

Fee for Coinbase Bundle packages are beneficial for users because they only pay one fee per transaction, and if they bought these crypto-currencies individually, we would have had to pay five separate commissions for each transaction.


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If you want to make deals in separate cryptocurrencies on the amount over $300, using a variety of methods of payment services Coinbase will cost you quite expensive. You may want to go on Kraken.

Depending on what your base currency is and whether you are a buyer or a seller, the Commission of this cryptocurrency exchanges will range from 0% to 0.26%. There is a nominal fee for depositing Fiat money. Fee for account replenishment digital asset from another purse in fact equal to zero.

Some users complain that the Kraken is too slow. It should be noted that the rate of exchange depends on a specific blockchain cryptocurrencies. The sharp increase in the volume of transactions in the blockchain, as, for example, in the case of bitcoin last year, can delay the execution of orders on the exchange. During kapalicarsi at the end of last year on Coinbase too had delays in the trading process.


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For cryptocurrency exchange, owned by brothers Winklevosses a system variable commissions and other exchanges. Commission of the Gemini range from 0% to 1% depending on the transaction amount and the total trading volume of the account owner for the last 30 days.

As in other exchanges, the Commission is inversely proportional to the volume of performed trades. That is, the more you trade the less you pay.

Fixed fee does not exist, and the variable fee is recalculated every day at midnight and taken into account in all future transactions.

Gemini was very popular among retail investors because there was a small fee (approximately $1.25 for the amount of bitcoin equal to $500) for Deposit and withdraw money from the account by Bank transfer. In addition, it was one of the few exchanges that could be considered adjustable.

However, in recent years the popularity of Gemini fell as fee for Bank transfers rose sharply. Gemini also has widely opened the door for institutional investors and does not charge a fee for block trading.

If you withdraw money from the account on Gemini more often than 10 times per month, you will have to pay another fee. The recently released Gemini Gemini Dollar stablon that you can buy for Fiat. Although this exchange does not offer any discounts for transactions in Gemini Dollar, traders can you withdraw money from the account using GUSD and not Fiat currency.


Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange that has become one of the key players in the cryptocurrency market. The structure of commissions there is about the same as on Gemini.

There will be charged a variable Commission, which is recalculated every night for 30 days. This exchange is your stablein BNB.

On Binance works multistage system of discounts for traders using tokens BNB. In the first year, such traders get a 50% discount, and then it is reduced by half and in the fourth year is only 6.75%. Commission Binance rates vary from 0.04% to 0.1% depending on the amount of the transaction and whether the trader maker or teyker.

The main advantage of Binance that this exchange traders can buy and sell many cryptocurrency. However, beginners this platform may seem too difficult since it is difficult to engage in trading using the USD.

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