How much you need to pay to the token hit the listing Binance?


In the network appeared information about the fact that a popular bitcoin exchange Binance takes for listing on its platform up to 400 BTC, or approximately $ 2.6 million.

This information was received Christopher Franco, co-founder of the platform Blockchain Expanse, on request. On hearing this, the staff Binance tried to refute the information, saying that the “fake letter”. Franco also didn’t hesitate to answer.

“If Binance requests 400 BTC for listing on the exchange, that is their right. It seems they have the largest volume in the world. As a rule, a listing on the exchange gives them a higher visibility. (Yes, their services are) expensive … but why lie?” wrote Franco on Twitter.

Analysts have compared the situation with Binance with a listing on the HitBTC exchange. In 2017, the fee for listing was only 5 BTC, then the price has been raised to 50 BTC.

Cryptologist increasingly criticizes centralized exchanges, primarily because of their corporate practices, including high fees listing. Adding to the stock exchange for 400 BTC can’t consider that Binance follows the principles of decentralization.

Recall that in mid-July the representatives of the popular exchange announced the reduction of discounts for holders of BNB and the introduction of a tiered system of commissions.

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