How to become a blockchain developer-where to start for the beginner


How to become a blockchain developer-where to start for the beginner

Blockchain developers have headhunters like hot cakes. How to join this new industry?

Regardless of your personal relationship to the cryptocurrency, the fact that the blockchain is a serious technology that can change many aspects of life, cannot be doubted. It is important to understand that digital currency is only one form that can make the blockchain. Protocols of the technology can be modified to serve many different purposes, not only to maintain virtual money.

Bill gates said that the blockchain is a game changer in the next decade. Innovative (and even revolutionary) this technology makes it versatility. The blockchain can be applied in almost any industry that is supported by logic and technically structured network.

If we talk about the potential of the blockchain, we have not yet fully seen even the tip of the iceberg. The widespread fascination with the crypto currency has attracted a field of many talented professionals, while the public block chain like Steem and Verge and their private brethren, such as Hyperledger, always need new minds to solve technological problems.

Why become a blockchain developer?

Our world is changing at a rate comparable only with the times of the industrial revolution (and this comparison is not in favor of the latter). In the XIX century, the supporters of manual labor lost to competitors who were not afraid to take the equipment into service. Soon conveyors have become the norm, automating the production, which people do manually for thousands of years.

Today we see the same thing, only this time the person replaces the artificial intelligence and technology of the blockchain. And it happens much faster and bigger. Soon the time will come when most of the workers will replace the automated computer system.

The skills of handling a computer, especially programming, will be critical to build a career in the following years. Of course, there will be other career ladder, but the fact that most of the industries will be useful to computer experts, obviously. Anyone not possessing such skills will be in a losing position in the labour market.

Also worth noting, as communications technology and the strength of decentralization has helped many entrepreneurs around the world to start their own business and make transactions without any additional agreements. Before the Internet is was hard to imagine. Over time it becomes a trend.

Besides the above advantages there are others.

The blockchain technology is used practically in all spheres of activity. Blockchain developer can be roughly compared with the developer’s web sites. Any organization — educational, financial, supply, entertainment, media — needs its own website, but their internal experts often do not have the necessary expertise to implement their own ideas. The situation with the introduction of the blockchain is very similar. Applications of this technology could pay dividends in almost any industry, and at some point any company will need a specialist or group of specialists to help implement the technology.

On LinkedIn and UpWork in recent years enormously increased demand for jobs, or otherwise associated with cryptocurrencies. This work now looking for more than ten times more often than in 2014. According to Computer World, the average salary blockchain developer in Silicon valley is $158 000 per year.

She blockchain industry, according to experts, by 2025, will have a capitalization of several hundred billion dollars. This is a pretty crude assumption, given that we don’t know how States and international institutions behave in relation to the blockchain. However, this technology definitely changes a lot of industries and business processes.

It is not necessary to go into this area with the idea that cryptocurrency is the only application of the blockchain, which deserves attention. Not worth the discounted decentralized applications and technologies distributed accounting. This field is so young that even the study of the fundamental principles of the Protocol can not be considered fully completed.

Focusing on cryptocurrency, we ignore the lion’s share of the potential of the technology.

What can do blockchain developer?

There are several ways of development for blockchain developers.

Core developers are focused on the fundamental principles technologies and protocols — the core of the blockchain. Blockchain— the developers are working on the integration and decentralization of the software. For someone who is not so seriously immersed in the theme, the difference may seem insignificant, but it is misleading.

We have already mentioned that there are many opportunities to work in public blockchains, and private. The first may seem more familiar: that they are associated ICO and public services.

STEEM ICON and Ethereum are examples of public blockchains. Private blackany are created to fit the needs of specific companies. For example, Barclays wants to provide themselves with their own bacchanal and is engaged in a number of studies in this area. The company’s specialists a lot of experimenting, trying to figure out what will be most useful for the end user.

What skills will be useful?

Obviously, this market requires special skills. The blockchain is pure programming, and various blackany and coins built on different languages. Bitcoin works on C++, and Ethereum and C++, and Python. Some blackany trying to help your spread, using multiple programming languages (e.g., Dragonchain supports Java, Python, NodeJS and C#). You have quite a selection in terms of language, but the skill in any case must be at a high level.

You will also need the skills of a web developer. They include knowledge of HTML, CSS, NodeJS and MongoDB. We have to work back— end. Skills of networking and security systems will also be useful, because the blockchain developers often have to communicate with representatives of those departments.

Described above may seem frighteningly complex, but your blockchain can be done in less than half an hour. Yes, it will be the easiest blockchain, which is almost no use, but having something like that, you will get a General idea about what you will have to do in your new job.

For those who want something to read on this subject, should refer to the book Mastering Bitcoin written by Andreas Antonopoulos. This is a useful book in electronic form is free.

Summing up the interim, we can say: first, you need to hone the skill of programming in one of the languages. If you are interested in smart contracts, Ethereum, you may want to familiarize yourself with the language of Solidity. It is also worth thinking about the back— end and web development. Having dealt with this, use online resources to create your first blockchain smart contract or decentralized application.

How to get a job?

For starters, you need to be sure that mastered a basic set of skills. Regardless of the requirements of the manufacturer of the base should be for everyone.

Next you open two main ways: as a developer or as a consultant. In this article, we focusareas in the first embodiment.

The technical way you have to become a software developer — the person who will be programming smart contracts, decentralized applications and blockchain code. This will require all the skills that we mentioned earlier. By the way, especially useful would be knowledge of JavaScript, as the Solidity’s very reminiscent, respectively, it will be easier to get started with Ethereum.

New to take fairly easy, but a developer with years of experience and expertise in drafting smart contracts, without doubt, received more cordially than does green. However, this should not deter newcomers: even the most experienced programmers were once the same green. Training and real programming — the key to success.

Platform online recruitment notice a noticeable increase in the demand and supply of work related to cryptocurrencies. UpWork on LinkedIn and there are more summary blockchain developers. Why don’t you add my? In search of vacancies you can go to AngelList or Blocktribe where a plurality of requests to blockchain developers. In addition, at the moment the Ripple is looking for professionals.

Thanks to the unity community of developers you can get experience as a volunteer. Many of the projects happy extra pair of hands, if they are supplied with the same level of skills. Read about the interesting projects on Reddit, Telegram, Slack and Discord, send tweets to team members. And, of course, don’t forget to look at their websites: many people post jobs there.

As in any other field, the blockchain— the development of networking is an important part of career growth. If you want to make a career blockchain developer, good experience can perform some of the work for you. Learn from the experience of the more advanced developers, listen to their advice, establish yourself a good specialist — and perhaps you will be invited to a new job.


Now is the time to plunge into the world of the blockchain, to gradually become a true insider. Each representative of this young sector is still researching the technology, and the potential to become one of the pioneers is quite high. Even veterans like Vitalik Buterin still find a lot to learn.

However, the fundamental tools for the creation of the blockchain and software based on it now owns the most programmers. Sources of skills and knowledge available online in the format of the compressed video and text guides. There’s nothing stopping you from becoming the blockchain by the developer. If you really beckons — go for it and believe in yourself!

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