How to buy a bitcoin for rubles


High returns of cryptocurrency makes them a profitable investment, vastly superior to Bank deposits or investing in shares of most companies. However, even now, many just don’t know how to buy a bitcoin for rubles. In fact, this task is very simple, and after reading this article, you can easily dismantled in all its aspects.

Where to buy cryptocurrency

At the moment, to buy crypto-currencies for rubles is possible in 3 ways:

  • Directly from the owners.
  • At cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • In exchange.
  • Each option has both pluses and minuses that are worth considering. Take a closer look.

    Buy cryptocurrency directly from owners

    Sellers of cryptocurrencies can be found on specialized forums as well as an acquaintance. Many of them work for a long time and managed to get the feedback, which is carefully read before you decide to buy. This area attracts a lot of fraud, so it is important to be vigilant, especially if we are talking about large amount. To start is to make a small trial transaction, and if it goes well, then you can work on.

    As a rule, buying cryptocurrencies in rubles directly as follows:

  • The buyer and seller negotiate the price, volume and time of the transaction and method of payment.
  • The buyer pays rubles for the seller details.
  • After receiving the payment, the seller transfers to the buyer the cryptocurrency on the wallet.
  • The downside of private sellers is that they can’t work around the clock and not even every day. So for the urgent purchase of cryptocurrency, this method will not work. However, if is important, not the timing, and the price that private traders can be purchased cheaper because you do not have to pay Commission. Moreover, big buyers and regular customers often receive a discount from the standard price tag.

    Buying cryptocurrency on the exchange

    Buy cryptocurrency stock exchange – a more convenient way in comparison with the previous one. – Work allows us to use these services at any moment of time. Moreover, exchanges can earn on the difference in rates, looking for the best deals to buy and sale. Also, internal exchange account you can use to store bought cryptocurrency, if you have no opportunity to use hardware or software wallets.

    By far the most popular among Russian traders are:

    • Exmo is a multi – lingual exchange with a chat to communicate between traders. The chat access is open to users with a Deposit of $2000. Here are, mainly, the most popular cryptocurrency, and several promising innovations. A simple interface allows the exchange to conduct transactions in 1 click.
    • Yobit – exchange on which is traded several hundred cryptocurrencies. Here you can buy both known and quite new coins, which can generate income in the future. In addition, Yobit there are a number of unique features not found on other exchanges.
    • LocalBitcoins is an unusual exchange on which traded solely in bitcoins. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that to buy a bitcoin for rubles here both online and in cash. The service allows you to advertise buying/selling bitcoins with location that enables the exchange by direct contact with the seller.

    To trade safely and possible to use Bank transfers should pass the verification procedure. In addition, it will allow you to increase the limits of input and output. Every exchange demands, somewhere it is enough to provide one document that will need two. However, if you prefer to use e-wallets (Yandex.Money, Qiwi or Webmoney) or withdraw cryptocurrencies after the purchase, the verification to pass is optional.

    If you decide to buy cryptocurrency exchange, it is worth considering that the Deposit and withdrawal of funds there charge a small Commission. Its the size of which varies depending on currency, where you operate and also use.

    Working with cryptocurrency exchanges is carried out as follows:

  • Account registration by filling in personal data. Be sure to include your real information, as in the case of hacking will be required to verify their identity in order to seek compensation.
  • Setup two-factor login approvals – it is strongly recommended to improve account security.
  • Account verification is necessary. In fact, it is just a way to increase the limits on input and output, as well as be able to withdraw Fiat funds to the Bank card.
  • Depositing funds on the trading account. Is it worth putting more money to increase the price of interest to cryptocurrency does not become an unpleasant surprise.
  • Buying cryptocurrencies is done through placing an order with quantities and prices. If desired, the order can be placed much below the current price – in this case, it works with falling costs. But if you don’t want to wait, you can buy bitcoin at market value and get it in the same moment.
  • Conclusion purchased cryptocurrencies is through the “accounts” in the profile. Pay attention to these fees and limits – especially when working with small amounts.
  • Among the shortcomings of the stock exchanges it is possible to note the increasing trend in recent years cases of hacking that does not guarantee security of funds to house accounts. This means that after the purchase of the cryptocurrency it is still necessary to withdraw to their own wallet, if you don’t plan to use it for trading.

    The cryptocurrency exchanger

    Exchange – the fastest way to buy cryptocurrency. To work with them often not even need to register. Just state your details (phone or e-mail) to identify the order to get the order number or a link to a page with detailed information about the transaction, including its status.

    Find the best rates of interest to cryptocurrency through the services monitoring exchangers. Price each exchanger sets its own based on a number of factors, so different sites can be quite a large scatter.

    Do not trust the first exchanger, the first is to read reviews on specialized forums. This will allow you to see whether you can expect to catch a specific site (e.g., loss of payment, or long delays with the transfer of cryptocurrency to a specified account). Among active exchanges, the best reputation can boast:

    • 60cek is a pretty old service, which accepts a variety of payment options. Here you can buy most popular cryptocurrencies.
    • X-pay is a convenient and reliable exchanger with high speed and large reserves. Here you can buy cryptocurrencies for Yandex.Money, Qiwi and Bank cards.
    • ProstoCash – excellent service for those who want to remain anonymous. Service requests a minimum of data on its customers, allowing them to keep secret their purchases.
    • XChange – exchanger, which opened in 2012. Here always there are massive reserves that allow the purchase of cryptocurrency even large parties. The payment is processed via many payment services, including Yandex.Money, Qiwi, credit cards and others.
    • Ychanger – this site is a personal account, but you can buy cryptocurrencies without registration. In addition, the exchanger has a private boat to Telegram, which allows you to make transactions right in the app.

    Of the minuses exchangers include 2 of the most significant for buyers. First, it is the high Commission that can reach 10% and even higher values. Second, exchanges can be restricted on reserve, and if you need a lot of cryptocurrencies right amount may simply not be available.

    How to choose a cryptocurrency

    As of today there are over 1000 different coins to select an asset investment should be approached with the mind. One of the best options remains bitcoin – due to its solid reputation and high price attract many applicants. Besides, the whole history of the cryptocurrency showed a steady increase after the strong falls. Some analysts are predicting bitcoin continued growth and the final cost from 30 to 60 thousand dollars.

    Ethereum, ether or another highly promising cryptocurrency that has already shown impressive growth up to $1,000 at the beginning of January 2018. But just the year before, it cost about $8. The main advantage of coins is that it is an important element of the system of “smart contracts”, which in the future will be able to repeatedly simplify the conclusion of transactions of any scale. Technology, which is the basis of Ethereum, actively exploring a global company that determines the high demand (and corresponding price) for this coin.

    Notable cryptocurrency, there are many, but they all share a number of distinctive characteristics that are worth paying attention to:

    • Uniqueness – the coin should have its own innovative solutions and not just copy other people’s achievements;
    • Demand – the higher the prospects of cryptocurrency and the more it attracts attention, the greater the chance to increase prices;
    • Practical use – there is no use to buy cryptocurrencies which are impossible to use;
    • Reliability – cryptocurrencies are risky investment and any guarantees from the developers raise its prospects.

    Frequent in cryptocurrency market are of the pampas – a powerful but very short-term periods of growth in different coins, not having any prospects. Buying such cryptocurrencies can be very profitable if you do it in a timely manner. However, in the future they should get rid of as quickly as possible, since after the rapid growth rates follows an equally rapid fall.


    Cryptocurrencies have become a phenomenon that has interested people from around the world. Many were able to secure the financial well-being due to the fact that in time saw the prospects of bitcoin, ether and other coins. Impressive growth rates and high volatility provide a good opportunity to earn money, so buy a bitcoin for rubles would be a reasonable solution for everyone who wants to increase their savings.

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