How to earn bitcoin in the game Get


How to earn bitcoin in the game Get

What is Roblox? This is a game that is very similar to the real world, because it has a significant difference from most competitors – the presence of the Studio Roblox Studio that allows any player to create a new map with its own logic and laws. Mining-simulator Get is one of the modes of Roblox, which there are many. The gamer can feel in completely different roles: the cleaner of snow, a hermit on the island of death, Get a beekeeper or running away from the Oreo cookies. In this article, we look at how to play mining simulator, like whether the virtual world of mining is not real, what codes it is best to use how to make Roblox and if you can get for creating cards with real money.

How to play mining simulator

Before proceeding to cryptoguru, understand how the game works in General. Appearing in the mode of mining for the first time, the player can not attend virtually any other location, which is at least three, Toy Land, Candy Land, and Private Mine. In Toy Land allowed by the limited number of mined blocks Private Mine cannot be visited, because to log in you have 150 coins Robux – game currency of the game that you want to buy for real money. First there is the question of how to obtain Robux for free? There are several ways:

  • Buy builders ‘ club is a kind of business activity in the game. Just like in real life: you must first spend money in order to obtain a steady income. Builders Club is a service that daily pay to the owner a certain amount of Robux. The cost of the builders clubs at various levels ranging from $5 to $70.
  • To exchange tickets for robux. Tickets are something like a coupon, rewarded to players for daily visit the game, creating interesting games, sell pants and t-shirts, complaints about dishonest players.
  • Become a reseller and sell collectible items at more favorable prices.
  • To collect and exchange small icons of privileges that are everywhere.

After wandering a bit through the neighborhood, the player will see different characters that offer quests and run into the main area for production. This place is something like mine.

But in normal mode mine only ore. At the first stage mining-simulator Roblox offers literally dig with picks, but thus the promotion for the game will be very slow. To accelerate you need to apply a special command. Below are the top codes for mining simulator Get:

  • Patriot – code, which gives the legendary box of hats. Hats add a mining speed of units, increase the cost of ore and improve the price of player sold items.
  • PatrioticStars – gives a legendary egg. Legendary and epic items in the game have more value than usual.
  • America – gives 80 tokens Rebirths.
  • HammieJammieSucksx2 – gives 20 tokens Rebirths.
  • CoolWater – plus one legendary egg.
  • Lemonaide – gives the legendary box of hats.
  • Toast box with an epic hat.
  • Retro – gives skin. Skins need to decorate the items.
  • invasion – epic box hat.
  • Overhaul – one drawer with an epic hat.
  • NewStart – plus Raree egg.

We should also highlight the codes of the mining simulator Get for money:

  • Update! – replenishes the Treasury 1500 coins.
  • JellyBean – adds 2500 coins.
  • Coal – plus 2000 coins.
  • Rebirths – plus 1200 coins.
  • bread – gives 10,000 coins.
  • jam – plus 2000 coins.
  • applejuice – 2500 coins.
  • BreadLand – 1300 coins.
  • Sneaky – 5000 coins.

Roblox cheats constantly updated and this list is far from complete. To follow a new secret phrases conveniently on the website Wiki mining simulator.

For the received coins in the store you can buy a variety of items: tools for mining, Pets, skins, hats, etc … they All have different increase the speed of digging or building up other playing characteristics. The most popular kind of ordinary digger is a space mining simulator Get, but we consider a different regime.

Simulator bitcoin mining

It is time to go to CRYPTOCard Get. This mode differs from the previous because here Melnitsa no ore, and bitcoin.

The mining process is also slightly different – in this mode, there is a beam that indicates the search path bitcoins. The store is picks need to purchase a graphics card for mining with different hasraton. Game speed mining is not measured in Mh/s or Sol/s and GreenHash or RedHash. The faster the graphics card, the more GreenHash she digs per unit time. As in normal mode, collect the coins you need in a backpack. Than the roomier the backpack, the less you will have to spend time on forays from the mine.

For 650 Robocop you can buy a briefcase with an infinite capacity. One robuks is approximately 0.7 ruble. To carry out the donut, you need to buy robux. To do this, go to the official website

The portal does not work if you only have a Kivi-purse. In this case you can use the website enter the amount of Deposit, the number of your QIWI-wallet, and accurate nickname in the game. Be careful, the error in GPS would lead to a loss of money! In addition to graphics cards and backpacks donuts to Get Bitcoin Mining Simulator allows to increase the speed of mining, bitcoin price, sale price, add the value of jump, display update time card and play radio.

In Get simulator bitcoin mining is designed so that the digging depth increases the price of the extracted block. When the search begins RedHash, increases the likelihood of finding the gold of bitcoin, which is worth several times more than usual.

Search method cryptocurrency affects the efficiency of production. The best way is to go down a coal mine at the very center so that the blocks were from four sides and mine one block. Sometimes in the game it happens to collapse and the mine is again filled with blocks. In this case, the blockchain is updated, but all mined bitcoins do not disappear. Mode “Get mining simulator bitcoin” does not imply codes, making the map more fair than the normal mode.

How to make money in the Get

As mentioned in the beginning, each player can create your map. This method is the main form of earning money in the game Get. The more donations comes in created mode, the higher the profit the author. The income of the individual authors in 2017 accounted for more than $1 million to create a map to Get to download the Studio separately is not required. Roblox Studio is installed complete with the game.

The process of creating a new world similar to a designer, which is available ready-made stuff. There are also tools for creating new components of the game. Easier but less profitable way of earning is to rock and sell accounts Roblox. The average price of the account is 150 rubles.

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