How to hold ICO. Bitfinex has launched a service for the conduct of tomenselo


The cryptocurrency exchange has developed a new service platform to trade Ethereum tokens Ethfinex

A new service for tomenselo opened cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex. The service is based on trading platforms Ethereum tokens Ethfinex, access to it will be able to obtain a limited number of users — they will be selected in the draw process.

The company has promised to soon present evidence of the transparency and the randomness of the process. Selected investors will be able to invest their projects in the ETH for the initial placement of tokens, or to refuse this opportunity. In this case, instead they are selected by other users.

Also Bitfinex introduces the concept of a superuser, it is the clients of the company who are holders of tokens Nectar. They will be divided into five levels depending on the number of cryptocurrencies that are owned. The holders of these coins will have higher chances to participate in the ICO, as well as various discounts, priority access to functions, a more significant voice in decisions about the future development of the exchange Ethfinex and so on.

At the moment the only advantage super user — getting more tickets to participate in the draw before comensales. Clients with the lowest level must have at least 1000 tokens Nectar ($500) in your account, top — 1 million coins ($500 000).

To participate in the selection, the user must pass the verification process, the data will be sent to the issuers a new token for the final verification. At the moment, Ethfinex campaign to raise funds carrying out the project the Dusk of the Network, investors have the right to invest 25 ETH, smaller and larger amounts are not accepted.

Earlier, a similar decision to raise funds have implemented exchange Binance. However, over the past year it has held only two tocancel, from start — UPS Bread and Gifto.

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