How to increase the profitability of miners


How to increase the profitability of miners

A large number of equipments for mining has become irrelevant in 2018. But this does not mean that the miners put up with this situation – began to appear in announcements of devices that enhance Hasrat cards and Asimov. The opportunity to earn on the sale of such devices is not lost on the company. This material will help to figure out whether boosters for mining will return to the relevance of the old equipment.

FPGA M2 Acorn – “plantain” for graphics cards

English the device is translated as an acorn, but a more accurate name he was given at the mining forums – plantain. This humorous nickname due to the fact that the device is applied to the graphics card and thus cure all her ailments. This accelerator for mining on graphics cards will be released only in September, but already available for pre-order.

Externally, the Acorn is similar to the game for 8 chops. The device is inserted into the M. 2 slot of the motherboard. The number of supported hashing algorithms varies, depending on the cost of the device. For $200 you can buy a card for 2 of the algorithm Cryptonight V1 and Ethhash, and for $330 to add the LYRA2REV2 with a X16R. Extract using the usual programs for mining will not work – FPGA requires installation of its own software. What makes this accelerator for graphics cards?

  • Increase Hasrat Ethhash 10%. On the manufacturer’s website notes that to buy this adapter for Ethereum will be true only on the most productive graphics cards. If the farm is connected, for example, 1060 570 GTX or RX, for the same money better to buy a video card and get more performance boost.
  • Growth Hasrat algorithm LYRA2REV2 will be from 43% to 116% depending on the type of graphics card.
  • The algorithm X16R graphics cards will be considered hashes faster than before, at least 74%.
  • Increase Hasrat Cryptonight V1 by 33%. The monopolization of the algorithm ASIC devices minimizes the dignity of the FPGA.

Disadvantages of FPGA M2:

  • One such device will serve up to 4 cards depending on the algorithm and the type of cards, i.e. a single farm may not have even two FPGA.
  • The increase in the energy consumption from 5% to 54%.
  • High price.

Will look in the table of overclocking provided on the website.

The first column shows the increase Hasrat from the original values (stock, ie, not overclocked video cards). The second column shows the increase of the energy consumption of graphics cards. The third column indicates the percentage of the CPU or PCIe bus (for example, 25% is indicated under each algorithm). This column allows to make a conclusion that the maximum number of graphics cards that can connect to the acorn for this algorithm is four, because 100% / 25% = 4. Similarly, if the third column represents 88% for a single card, a single acorn.

The idea of using Acorn FPGA mining of air seems inappropriate, but the developers promise to reduce energy consumption by 75%.

According to the table, the most relevant use of this device will be for AMD card. If so, as stated by the developers, Hasrat from one device will exceed Hasrat from buying a AMD graphics card. All values which are placed on the site is minimal. In fact, even bigger performance gains. Will continue to add other algorithms. It is known that such devices will be released at least 10,000.

Is it worth pre-ordering FPGA M2 Acorn? Probably not worth it. The fact that the price of plantains is quite high, and the results of practical tests yet.


From the beginning of June on Youtube are actively viewed the video, which was shown FPGA mining Ethereum, dispersing 1900 Mh/s. Such a device costs $4000. Let us compare the FPGA VCU 1525 c Nvidia GTX 1080 ti:

  • The number of devices with the same total hasraton.
    1 FPGA 1525 (1900 Mh/s) = 35 GTX 1080 ti (55 Mh/s).
  • The cost of the devices.
    GTX 1080 ti (35 pieces) are $30000. For the same money you can buy 7 FPGA.
  • Power consumption.
    225 W FPGA vs. total 8700 W graphics cards.

Externally, the device looks like a normal video:

  • 2 SFP port media Converter.
  • The micro USB port.
  • 4 slots for RAM DDR4.
  • PCIe.


  • Software: Vivaldo Designe Suite.
  • Warranty: 90 days.
  • In case of breakage on fault of the user and sending it to the repair card will be withdrawn.

FPGA-mining – what is it?

FPGA is just a custom chip that can be programmed and controlled by the operation of the processor and memory. DDR and CPU is controlled from the outside, in itself, a field programmable gate array to be considered can not do anything. For that then to pay $4000? In the best case, the final price must be equal to the farm on the cards for the same price that has already been proven on the example of Asimov. Let us remember the price of Antminer E9. For a long time she was equal to the price the farm on graphics cards with similar hasraton and only on the fifth delivery was reduced (not counting the 1 batch).

Do not forget the history of equipment for mining. First mainily on the processor, then GPU and FPGA, and then to ASIC. What the ancestor of asik played an FPGA. The differences between these devices lies in the fact that asik already sewn up the algorithm, and the FPGA is controlled by an external processor. If you believe the developers FPGA 1525, it turns out that in 2014, Bitmain has gone completely the wrong way, and all the other developers agreed with Chinese manufacturer and rejected alternative ways to improve FPGA hardware mining.

Also, a reasonable question arises with the DAG file. As you know, Ethhash algorithm, which is strongly dependent on memory. 1 Mh/s Ethereum need to be processed from the memory 8 Kb of data from the DAG file. Hasrat 1900 Mh/s need to be unloaded from memory 14.8 Tb/s. The device has 4 straps DDR4, which can give up to 50 Gb/s. Now compare 14.8 Tb/s and 50 Gb/s. This calculation is done. That memory, which is on the crystal, can not accommodate the DAG file.

FPGA mining: worth buying?

FPGA mining in 2018 have not yet submitted a single device and as long as these devices will not enter the market, the only means of dispersal equipment for mining remain firmware, tablets and downvoting.

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