How to make money on Ethereum. The cryptocurrency has risen to $205


Price Aldona a week does not fall below the level of $200. However, according to the analyst Dmitry Lavrov, a new sharp rise of the coin is not worth waiting

Wednesday, October 24, the average market value of Ethereum rose to $205 per day it increased by 1%. During this same time, Bitcoin prices increased by 0.8%, the rate of the token XRP increased by 4.4%.

According to analyst Dmitry Lavrov, at the moment, cryptocurrencies have no such serious fundamental support from the ICO, as it was last year. The expert noted that in many ways the Ethereum rate decreased this year, just due to the fact that the projects for the initial placement of tokens exchanged their assets in Fiat money.

The specialist added that I should put targets at the levels of $350-$400 and $700. Less likely that the cost Aldona will be able to rise above, says Lavrov. He stressed that the course Ethereum will reach a level of $800-$1000 only subject to the availability of fundamental support.

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