How to obtain crypto-currency without any special effort


How to obtain crypto-currency without any special effort

In life there are very few free things. But the cryptocurrency has defied this axiom. Yes, some of the methods described below require you something in return. And the word “free” in this case means “not requiring USD (or other Fiat currencies) for”. But there are other ways, where free is really free. That is a gift.

All you need is the Internet.

How to get cryptocurrency, if you already have digital assets
4. Follow hardforum

Hardforce (or rigid branching) something similar to Airdrop. They also require a certain cryptocurrency in your wallet at the time when there will be a fork and there will be new coins. However, these events are much bigger and affect the blockchain. A wonderful example of hard forks fork of the Bitcoin Cash bitcoin.

To interest investors, developers often offer new coins in old holders. Participation in the fork associated with a certain risk, but overall this is a very reasonable step to get free coins, even if there is a risk of a fall in the value of the original cryptocurrency.

5. Invest in PoS cryptocurrency

Digital money is based on the immutability and integrity of the blockchain. In turn, algorithms for PoW and PoS, ensure control and the inclusion of transactions in the chain. Within the concept of PoS cryptocurrency holders ensure the existence of the blockchain for their services and receive free coins. Usually the highest reward goes to the investors with the largest reserves of digital money.

However, some projects reward the user regardless of the number of coins in their wallets. For example, all holders of NEO get passive income. All projects on the PoS arranged in a similar way. A certain amount of cryptocurrency is used by the network to create new blocks. When you want to check the transaction, the network randomly selects coins from different wallets. If the bitcoin user is involved, he will receive part of the reward for the block. Thus, the more coins a user has, the higher the probability that he will choose. This encourages investors to invest regularly and to use the new platform, while earning cryptocurrency.

6. Get masternode

Create masternode for a specific project is somewhat like mining. This is a fairly expensive way of getting cryptocurrency. Owner masternode is required to maintain its performance and keep a full and updated copy of the blockchain. From masternode requires more effort and resources than normal nodes.

That is why the owners of mastered receive remuneration in the form of free coins. These nodes are always connected to other network elements. They are responsible for its decentralization, provide privacy, conduct transactions and maintain control mechanisms. Unfortunately, their main drawback is a fairly significant amount of cryptocurrency required to register masternode. If you have it there, get your superuser.

7. Donate coins to rent for margin trading

You may not have a sufficient number of coins to create your own superuse. But just keep the bitcoin in your wallet still does not make sense. It can be made to work, renting traders. For example, you can give coins as loans for margin trading and margin financing and get a small percentage. This is one of relatively low risk ways of earning cryptocurrency.

8. Invest and trade

The prosperity of cryptocurrency depends on how often people use it. The greater the prevalence of the coin, the higher its market capitalization and price. Actively invest and redeem their cryptocurrency, and you will make an important contribution to the growth of its cost, increasing the value of their own portfolio. In addition to income from trading you will receive free crypto-currency just from the increased investment.

How to get free cryptocurrency, not having a digital asset

There are many ways to get digital currency without the original cryptocurrency savings. In other words, you can earn tokens without spending money on them. In some cases, you can obtain crypto-currency without any effort. Here are some of them.

9. Download wallet with free coins

This is one of the easiest ways to add to your portfolio. The only problem is the time to get in on the action. Usually developers (especially new projects) offer some amount of free coins to everyone who has downloaded their wallet. Just keep in mind that there are thousands of different wallets. So make sure to download the best and most protected. Sometimes free coins are part of the Scam or bait to force users to download malware.

10. Take a chance and participate in ICO

Initial placement of the coins reached a peak in 2017 amid cryptocurrency fever. Many of them were scams. The abundance of all sorts of fraudulent schemes eventually drew the attention of regulators. However, many ICO are quite reliable and are of major projects. Participation in them can be so tempting that it is almost impossible to avoid FOMO — fear of missing out on your chance. Projects frequently offer bonuses for participation in advanced placement. However, too attractive environment can be a sign of a Scam, so proceed with caution.

11. Find cryptocurrency faucet

Since we touched on the topic of risky ways to obtain cryptocurrency, let’s talk about the so-called “criptograf”. From their names it becomes clear that they give out “droplets” of cryptocurrency to everyone. Cryptogram is a simple web site filled with advertising and all sorts of scripts. In many cases, the sites require you to click on banner ads and fill out surveys. After completing all the tasks, you may receive your coins. However, working with cranes still associated with increased risk. Many people bring only a certain amount of cryptocurrencies, the accumulation of which can take years.

12. Use dApp with rewards in bitcoin

This method is associated with some effort on the user side. But to earn cryptocurrency is still preferable than to risk becoming a victim of fraud. dApp is a decentralized application built on top of an existing blockchain structure. In other words, it will make maximum use of decentralised, peer-to-peer and bestoverall nature of the blockchain to perform certain tasks. From a normal application dApp has no centralized structure servers.

dApp pays the users of cryptocurrencies for different tasks or services. But in this case we are not talking about viewing ads or filling out surveys (although some dApp doing exactly that). Usually decentralized applications to offer more interesting jobs such as writing reviews the coins and their publication online. Other associate users with crowdfunding platforms allow you to work as a freelancer or to Airdrop.

13. Participate in crowdfunding for new startups

The creation of new cryptocurrencies is due to a serious effort, but with the right tools and knowledge this goal is attainable. The additional computing power does not hurt. In this sense, crowdfunding similar to crowdfunding. You earn cryptocurrency, holding a purse of coins that allows a startup to perform the necessary tasks. The more people participate and invest in the project, the higher may be the reward for crowdfunding.

14. Spread the word about the new coin

Advertising has always brought in money, and assistance in disseminating information about the new project can be a great way to earn cryptocurrency. Some startups reward users for advertising in my signature on cryptocurrency forums. Another way to earn a few coins — targeted advertising. Play games, view ads, and earn coins just for their time and attention.

15. Work for cryptocurrency

Think about how to get paid in bitcoin instead of normal money. Freelancers and private contractors can invoice your clients for goods and services in the digital currency. You can also ask for premiums/bonuses in bitcoin. Formally, this way of acquiring the digital currency cannot be called free, because otherwise you would have paid normal money. But it’s a good way to get the cryptocurrency for things otherwise you could do absolutely free of charge.

16. Earn bitcoins doing shopping on the Internet

Some companies use the hype around the cryptocurrency advertising and brand promotion. For example, Chrome and Safari users can install the extension Lolli and return to 30% from their purchases in bitcoin. Lolli tells the user when it is in the partner store and after purchase sends to the corresponding bitcoin wallet.

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