How to replenish the balance on Binance: step by step instructions


Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange, which is included in the ranking of the most popular and common services of this kind. The main its advantages are ease of use and relatively low fees for withdrawing, depositing and trading operations. In addition, often the exchange offers investors the coins that are ignored by many other platforms. In this article we will look at the question of how to replenish the balance on Binance.

How to replenish the balance on Binance?

Before proceeding to consideration of how to replenish the balance on Binance, you need to understand that in order to use exchange you need to register. Find detailed instructions on this procedure can be in one of our articles. In addition, we strongly recommend that you connect your Google account with two-factor authentication. This will increase the degree of protection of your personal assets. About what it is and how to get authenticated you will also be able to find information on our website.

So, now you can proceed directly to the question of how to replenish the balance on Binance. First, you need to log in, i.e. log in to your account on the exchange. On the home screen, the stock exchange, locate the tab Funds, or Asset in the Russian version, the dropdown list will choose Deposits and Withdrawals or to Withdraw cash from the Deposit (Yes, that’s right – the site has some problems with translation into Russian language).

You will see a list of cryptocurrencies that are available for replenishment. By the way, on Binance presents a fairly extensive list of different areas you can buy the following coins:

  • Ethereum Classic;
  • IOTA;
  • Dash;
  • EOS;
  • Ethereum;
  • Ark;
  • Bitcoin Gold;
  • Bitcoin;
  • Litecoin;
  • Bitcoin Cash;
  • and 90 other cryptocurrencies.

You need to choose the currency in which you want to Fund your account and next to it select Deposit or Deposit. The system will generate for you a Deposit address to which you want to send cryptocurrency.

It is worth noting that you can generate a QR code for the transaction. Just click on the appropriate icon opposite the Deposit address.

We recommend you to recharge your account in bitcoins or esters, because these two cryptocurrencies form the majority of trading pairs in the list. This way, you can immediately start trading without having to exchange tools, etc.

Sorry, to directly recharge the balance on Binance using Fiat money, it is impossible. But there is a method of replenishment in rubles, dollars and euros using third-party services. Read it in our article.

Now you know how to replenish the balance on Binance and can quickly start trading!


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