How to stop hadlich and make a thousand “x”


How to stop hadlich and make a thousand “x”

One not too successful specialist about easy cast to drink once quipped that the four things never too much: time, energy, love and money. In a world where a lot of energy and little love, reign money.

Programmer Grigory, known in Moscow as a developer of desktop software, has learned from his colleagues a way to keep earned a penny. A good friend helped Gregory register with us broker and start trading minimum Deposit on the stock market. It’s only been two months, and the new wave covered our hero: the phenomenal volatility of cryptocurrencies and the “eternal growth” of bitcoin prompted him to make a symbolic sum for the crypto currency exchange and start trading.

Initially Gregory was a self-taught, ingenious ways of trade was discovered intuitively, however, always confirmed their re-observations and used in the trade. Then he pumped books on classic markets, read them for several months and was swung parallel to your Deposit, checking how they work in practice newly acquired knowledge. At this point, came to the aid of the Telegram, which was filled with discussion of crypto-currencies and trade recommendations.

Surfing these channels has led Gregory to the paid group of traders. This group opened for the novice speculator the world of modern attitudes and strategies that, in comparison with the classical literature of the eighties proved to be much more relevant and well suited to the cryptocurrency markets. But even more important was the experience gained during the cooperative trading group (sometimes it was “trading chat”). Gregory has found flaws in the actions of capturadora, which have polished his own strategy. He began to teach himself to trade at every opportunity, he saw (vision also comes with experience). Sometimes it was as though eighteen hours had passed in a continuous stream of transactions every half an hour. This race has allowed gambling the novice trader to quickly filter out deprecated methods and strategies, and to see the rapidly growing Deposit.

Gregory realized that the trader in cryptocurrency market requires above all flexibility and ability to constantly learn other ways to trade. This market is so dynamic that some strategies become inoperative just a month or two.

Suddenly it became clear that our hero has impatient heart. It turned out that the deal is more or less a large amount that lasts at least two days, had become onerous and even painful. At the same time trade for short time periods (small time frames) required greater plasticity and ability to change with the market.

Since Gregory was not yet fully confident in the new method, then did this: he divided the Deposit in half. The first half he used for the trade dollar at its strategy on the stock exchange Bitfinex. The second half bought bitcoin and traded on the stock exchange Bittrex on recommendations by the same group of experienced capturadora, a relationship which served as a powerful impetus to its development. Gregory felt a sense of gratitude to the creators and participants of the groups that their discussions and collaboration with trade allowed to an invaluable and unique experience.

Despite the fact that the group’s strategy was reasonable and expected in a recession altcoins multiple sales and re-entering the market based on the levels of serious profit from trading pairs for bitcoins Gregory did not see until the memorable “bull race” in December of 2017. At this time a policy of Gregory worked successfully and allowed to permanently and significantly increase the dollar account. This made him a staunch supporter of trade on the stock market from Fiat (it even became known as the “patchcom”) and the enemy trade cryptocurrency pairs to bitcoin.

Less than a year, as Gregory became a legendary trader. There was talk that he did a thousand percent in just a few months. Alas, these rumors only prove the limited imagination of fearful merchants. Not a cent did Gregory, and the “x’s”. To be precise, from may 2017 to January 2018 (i.e. during the first 9 months), he boosted it a thousand times.

This outstanding result was made possible thanks to the hard trade, which included persistent attempts to buy long every any significant market movements with the use of both long and short positions (the reader of course knows that you can buy to sell more expensive, but can be sold to buy cheaper).

I hope the reader will be interested to get acquainted with the strategy of Gregory in more detail. The first few months he used the maximum exchange Bitfinex leverage of 3.3 (method of multiplying the income with borrowed funds of the exchange) and was part of the deal all the Deposit, until the Deposit was relatively small. Later, when the money has grown so much that began to scare our trader, he brought half of it in paper dollars and the stock market. Of the remaining exchanges of the Deposit began to use 10-20% for intraday (sometimes, in obedience to generally accepted views in the Telegram, he allowed himself to recruit promising coins 1-2%, but the profit from them was not much, and wait for it had for a long time). At this point, the pace of Deposit growth, of course, reduced in comparison with the period when the work was “all chicken”.

When trading Vietnam Deposit Gregory used the short stop-loss (exchange applications, limiting the loss) and a small take profit orders (orders that determine the amount of profit), focusing on as quickly as possible commit of the transaction (sometimes without waiting for reliable but slow “take”) in order to proceed to the next trading opportunity.

Short stop loss he called “mental”. The orders (stock orders) are not set in advance. On the contrary, the position should be monitored by yourself so at the first sign of movement in the opposite direction to reach the market. The strategy also envisions the minimum size of a predefined take profit (ideally 7-8%). However, if a trader sees that the local pivot is very close or has already begun, you should immediately close the position.

This is the approach on the background of the volatility of the cryptocurrency market allowed us to obtain a high frequency of transactions, and provided that multiple increase of the Deposit (in the stock market, such a result for such a period is impossible). Gregory managed to reach a phenomenally large number of transactions because he constantly applied all their knowledge about trading and never get hung up on any specific tools, methods of analysis and trading. The motto of trading is the well-known phrase: “take the orange and go back to the tree.”

The ratio of profitable and losing trades (P/L) was rarely more than 2-3 roles in this strategy plays only the time spent in the transaction.

Gregory traded in any cryptocurrency, which saw at least short-term volatility. Chose two or three currency pairs, the top volumes. Particular preference had, although sometimes a month traded the same coin. As soon as the observed decline in volatility, went on to the next asset, which looked more promising for the trade. The first time was trading only BTC/USD, ETH/USD and LTC/USD as exploring other cryptocurrencies and exchanges, expanded the list, constantly watching for trading opportunities through alerts (e.g. via Telegram bots). It was clear that needs to monitor bitcoin, like other cryptocurrencies in one way or another correlated with it, giving a more pronounced volatility than “the father of cryptocurrency”.

When selecting coins Gregory did not take into account the fundamental dimension, the maximum that he used — announcements of important events, thanks to which you can expect a period of great volatility, such as the forks of bitcoin in 2017. However, he never tried to predict the direction of movement, and at the time of the events at the beginning of the movement opened a position in its direction.

But alas! And the old woman is proruha. Happy trader too carried away and from April 2018 began trading on the stock exchange Bitmex, known for insidious high trading leverage. Trading with leverage of 10, 20 and 25 on the usual cruising speed is allowed to make forty “x’s”. However, in the end there was a liquidation orders (forced closure of the transaction with critical loss) with the loss of half earned, after which Gregory halted trade and led from the exchange of the remaining earnings.

Photo taken by Gregory

The summer market was upset by the low volatility of bitcoin, which lost even a shadow of the trading opportunities that allow them to earn in the last year and a half. It became clear that it was time to take a break in the cryptotrading and, perhaps, to bring attention to the stock market.

The last trading period turned out to be extremely intense emotionally. Profits are often pleased Gregory, but the impression from the first major disadvantage on Bitmex was stronger the most striking positive emotions. An unfortunate combination of circumstances (failure of the exchange to set the averaging order, which would reduce loss and prevent liquidation) served a weak excuse. It became clear that the strategy that worked needs to be revised. The greatest shock was not so much due to the absolute value of the minus, but with a realization of the fact that half the profits from two months of continuous and painstaking trade was lost for a few minutes.

Trade all deposits (all-in) — activity of the nerve. To conclude daily deals (“intraday”) over a long period of time is impossible without mental reactions to stress. You ask — what is this reaction?

Fear and greed are the two inevitable companion of every trader. Many believe that they are his main enemies, poisoning extreme trading. However, Gregory knew that this is only true in relation to fear, because greed often saved him, manifesting itself in the form of uncontrollable desire to close the position at the moment, when there were relatively significant profit. Greed in the understanding of the fact that non-locking position with high income, hoping for more, was not familiar to our hero. He always preferred a bird in the hand.

Fear really ruined countless transactions. The best “cure” from this sense Gregory thought long trade Deposit, which according to subjective opinion of the trader is small. In his case, the fear receded as the accumulation of experience, but has returned with the growth of the Deposit and the full — after a memorable elimination.

Yes, the strategy had to change, but the inescapable truth was a necessity to trade as many chances as possible to gain a new experience, which is good earnings. To trade on long terms, that is hudlite, Gregory did not like. It is generally believed that if you, for example, make an average of one trade per month, then a trader you can not be named. You are an investor, you are able to hope, to endure, to wait. In other words, you’re not Gregory.

I’m afraid, dear reader, you are already tired of such a long story about cryptocurrency trading and you want to know how a trader can combine his adrenaline trade with the profession of a programmer.

You will be surprised how simple it is. The fact that he has been programming on a remote basis. In addition, the work associated with large duration tasks, and volatility — a phenomenon of episodic, pulsed. Gregory worked when there was volatility, and trading, when she appeared. Of course, sometimes good ones had to miss due to urgent work orders. But the programming remained on the first place, because the future of cryptocurrency market is uncertain. It is clear that this market is not going anywhere, what can be said about its volatility.

As for the trading on the stock market, then it has no problems at all: several trades per day during the us session did not greatly distract from the programming, it’s not dozens of transactions, as in the cryptotrading. To balance between the two classes that bring in the money, Gregory was always helping the ability to focus and give high productivity in programming.

And this photo is also made by Gregory

The main character of the TV series “Liquidation” — David Gotsman used to say: “don’t do me nerves! They have somewhere else to spoil!” Our hero — after a dramatic elimination on the stock exchange Bitmex — decided to take a break.

Two months ago, he bought a ticket to Cyprus. One-way. Now he had entered a banana grove. It smells like candy, and the leaves clap their flippers, like seals. Gregory habitually admires huge, with petals in elbow length, purple buds of banana, topped with bundles of small curved fruit. He listens to the beating of the Mediterranean sea about stone sieve the shore and thinks that he shouldn’t spend all your time on multiplication of money. Gregory wants to develop in other directions. He wants to travel. Trading has taught programmer to appreciate your own time.


This story is completely true, however, at the request of the main character, his name, surname and other data that can compromise anonymity has been changed. The author shall not be liable for losses that you can incur by trying to repeat it at home.

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