Hungary attended to the regulation of cryptocurrencies


Hungary attended to the regulation of cryptocurrencies

The Ministry of Finance of Hungary reported to the local kryptonitetm two news. The good is that the question of the regulation of kripalu, that is, ripe and overripe, and the authorities are already working on a common position on this issue.

The Ministry’s position is that regulation should be tight, but not all and not immediately, so as not to strangle the timid sprouts of innovation. In the future, the government believe that local regulation of the cryptocurrency market should be even more strict than European.

This is due to traditional concerns about the use of cryptocurrencies for money laundering obtained by criminal means and the financing of criminal activities.

According to local media reports, the Ministry of Finance, tax and the Central Bank of Hungary has already formed a working group that will draft a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies.

“The development of regulatory policy for crypto currency in Hungary is really a difficult task that goes far beyond the usual civil rights”, — stated in the message of the Ministry of Finance.

However, there is another news. The Ministry of Finance just in case kryptonitetm reminded that under current legislation cryptocurrencies are neither tender nor a financial instrument and are not electronic money or the equivalent of conventional money.

Note that Central and Eastern Europe is characterized by considerable diversity of the current cryptocurrency situation. Hungary is one of the countries where until recently there has been almost no news — neither bad nor good.

But in neighboring Slovakia, the activists in the middle of July held a “protest-educational action” against banks that don’t want to honestly compete with cryptocurrencies.

In Poland, serious passions boil — representatives of Scripturally suing the banks, the regulator then imposes a tax on scripttrandate, it cancels its decision, and the largest crypto currency exchange moved to Malta, because it can not find a Bank that will agree to work with her at home.

At the same time in a peaceful and prosperous Czech Republic to force a relatively lenient regulation of banks is determined with respect to the cryptocurrencies in its sole discretion, and utility companies offer payments to the crypt.

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