Huobi Group and training center in Singapore will open training courses on the blockchain


The cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Group announced a partnership with the educational center of the National trade Union Congress of Singapore (NTUC), organize training courses to promote the technology of the blockchain.

The aim of cooperation is to introduce people to the basics of financial technologies, in particular, with the basic principles of Bitcoin and blockchain, which will be useful in the future for the practical use of crypto.

Research shows that about half of the top 50 universities in the world offer courses on the subject of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. Their number is constantly increasing with the growth of students ‘ interest, despite the current slowdown in the cryptocurrency industry.

In the first quarter of 2018, the demand for related skills bloccano increased by about 6000%, indicating that the demand for technology and skill requirements using it.

NTUC is considering a partnership with Huobi as an important part of its strategy to ensure the competitiveness of the labour force of Singapore on a global scale.

For Huobi, the partnership is part of an existing initiative, announced by founder Leon Lee (Leon Li) in 2017, when he announced the intention to use part of the company’s resources to advance the technology of the blockchain and create real examples of its use.

The partnership will be offered a number of seven-hour courses with the aim of providing students with practical knowledge about the essential concepts and technologies, including basic theory, infrastructure, smart contracts, and how to store and use cryptocurrency.

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