“I want bitcoin became the world currency” – the co-founder of Apple


Co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak believes that bitcoin has the potential to become the only digital currency. He shared the opinion of the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey and hoped that once the first cryptocurrency will replace Fiat money.

In an interview with CNBC , he said: “I support the point of view of Jack Dorsey, but not because I believe it will happen, but I want it to be so.”

Steve stated: “bitcoin is a pure digital gold. Unlike many cryptocurrencies it is fully decentralized, not controlled by the company and has no business model.” Wozniak also spoke positively about the limited issue of bitcoin: “It is mathematically defined, there is a certain amount of bitcoin and method of its production. There is no person who controls the issue or the company that profit from this, bitcoin just continues to work, grow and survive“.

Steve Wozniak said that is not captainvalorand supports bitcoin from a technological point of view. Co-founder of Apple also speaks well of the Ethereum project, because it positions itself primarily as a platform, and not just the digital asset. Wozniak suggested that the draft terms of importance can become the next Apple.

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28.05.2018: “Buy bitcoin, sell altcoins!” – investor from wall street

Venture capitalist Spencer Bogart said in an interview with CNBC that bitcoin will remain a strong asset, despite the recent fall in prices. By the end of 2018, the cost of the first cryptocurrencies will rise above $10,000.

Bogart is a partner of large VC firm Future Capital. He is the first analyst on wall street who seriously researched bitcoin and blockchain technology. In his interview with Spencer Bogart said:

“Bitcoin is already 3 weeks down in price, but long term Outlook remains unregistered. The institutionalization of bitcoin needed. Every major Bank is trying to do something in the cryptocurrency sphere. Now there is a stable bear market, and for the first time no one predicted “the end of bitcoin“.

Altcoins will not survive the competition

Bogart also said that the cost of many of the altcoins are overpriced and in the long term, they can face significant resistance. The analyst said sell assets such as IOTA, TRON, Cardano, NEO, but will hold Ripple, Bitcoin, Cash, Ethereum, EOS. The expert says: “In the long run Ethereum have a good prognosis. The future of cryptocurrency will be closely connected with the development of ICO, but now its price is affected by hyped tokens created on the platform.”

The expert added that the instability of Fiat currency and the national currency crisis contribute to expanding the use of bitcoin. Spencer Bogart made his prediction that by the end of the year bitcoin will be worth at least $10 000. More optimistic experts believe that the price will reach $20 000.


04.05.2018: What you need to bitcoin reached a new high? TOP 5 issues currency

After 3-month drop, Bitcoin is gradually restored. Now bitcoin is trading at $ 9600-9700, but whether cryptocurrency to return to the same height?

The TOP 5 problems that need to be addressed:

  • Improving the safety. If bitcoin wants to become the analog of a common currency (medium of exchange and measure of value), it is necessary to create a more comfortable and safe for the user infrastructure. Christian Ferri, CEO of BlockStar said: “If bitcoin will be used as a valuable asset (for example, digital gold), to enhance the credibility of financial means to improve infrastructure security of the cryptosystem. It is very important the scale of the ecosystem“.
  • Stabilization of prices. To make bitcoin a viable currency needs to stabilize the price with the enhancements of the Protocol. If bitcoin (or fork) will be used for everyday transactions, the desired stability mechanism. People need to be sure that you bought today for $2 tomorrow coffee will not cost $50.
  • Institutional investment. To achieve new highs bitcoin need a lot of money. Darren Marble from CrowdfundX says that the key to growth of bitcoin in the hands of institutional investors. The expert is sure that the influx of money from institutions that invest in the cryptocurrency funds, will cause the avalanche effect, causing investors to actively support the digital currency. While buying cryptocurrency prevents concern about the safety, liquidity risk and storage assets.
  • Regulation of exchanges and exchange offices. If investors are confident that trading platforms regulated as asset protection is improved, the flow of funds will be more active.
  • Cryptocurrency exchange-traded funds. These funds will help to facilitate trade through the brokerage account and will contribute to the increase in prices and popularity of digital currencies.
  • In General, experts believe that the return of bitcoin to their previous highs – a question of time, and existing problems can be solved within a year.


    25.04.2018: Tim Draper: “Bitcoin is more important than the industrial revolution and the Internet”

    And known cryptocurrency venture capitalist Tim Draper during the debate, Intelligence Squared US has stated that it considers bitcoin even more valuable than the Internet and industrial revolution.

    According to Draper, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency will bring more profits than his investments in Skype, Tesla and Hotmail. The technology of the blockchain crypto is more important than the previous design.

    “It is more important than the Iron age, the Renaissance or the industrial revolution. In 5 years people will laugh if you buy a normal money, not digital. Sooner or later the time will come when people will not want to use Fiat currency“.

    Draper believes that the main means of payment will bitcoin. Soon it will dominate Althingi and become the market leader. Draper said he will not give up its forecast that after 4 years Bitcoin will be worth $250 000. Other experts are less optimistic, but also believe that by the end of the year bitcoin will rise considerably in price. Tim Draper has already bought about 30,000 bitcoins at auction and is not going to get rid of them. At the moment the total value of its assets of more than $268 million.


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