IBM and Hacera created a distributed directory of blockchains


IBM has teamed up with the blockchain company Hacera to start a subject index for the type of “yellow pages” designed to facilitate interested companies participation in the international blockchain applications.

Jerry Cuomo (Jerry Cuomo), Vice President of IBM Blockchain, wrote
in a blog on Thursday that the directory called Unbounded Registry, is now officially launched and contains a list of decentralized platforms built on different blockchains.

The goal, as explained Cuomo, is to create an information center which can be a source of data for companies that want to implement blockchain, what options exist and how they can participate in projects, especially those created in closed networks, accessible only by invitation.

Currently, the registry lists the effort as for start-UPS, large financial and tech giants such as IBM, Huawei, Oracle, SAP and the Hong Kong monetary control.

For each project, the registry provides a brief explanation and a list of recent events. It also offers channel – available after registration for interested parties, where you can directly send messages to the appropriate teams.

Unbounded Registry created on the basis of Hyperledger Fabric 1.0 Linux Foundation application with open source that allows the blockchain projects to register their information distributed way.

Cuomo added that the registry also interacts with the main blockchain platforms, including Hyperledger Fabric, R3 Corda, EEA Quorum and Stellar. Explaining the reasons for the establishment of the register, he wrote:

“We realized that it is very difficult to independently implement the blockchain — need a vibrant community and ecosystem of like-minded innovators who share the vision of helping to change the way companies are doing business in the global economy”.

Recently it became known that IBM creates
the new system cross-border payments on the basis of the Stellar Protocol, and at the end of last month, there appeared information about the fact that Australia develops
national blockchain technology-IBM.

In addition, in August, IBM filed
a patent application of some aspects of the blockchain – in particular, DBMS technology. In the same month, Maersk and IBM successfully launched
the logistics project – the blockchain-a platform TradeLens designed to keep track of freight, customs and exchange of financial information and stimulate the creation of innovations in the industry. In addition, in July, CLS and IBM launched a blockchain service for Forex.

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