IBM wants to track the development of software products using blockchain


New IBM patent application describes a method of cataloging code updates based on the blockchain. It is reported by Coindesk.

Description of the app called Blockchain for Program Code Programmer Credit and Contribution in the Collective was published on 5 July by the Office for patents and trademarks (USPTO). The patent involves the use of blockchain technology to “create a safe and reliable approach to tracking and adding information related to joint work with programming code with the purpose of remuneration, dispute resolution, etc.”. Simply put, the idea is to use the blockchain to track the performance of the coders when working together on a project.

As IBM argues, the vast majority of software products today are developed collectively, but effective approach, which measures the specific contribution of a programmer is missing. The principle underlying the proposed patent, is the blockchain, which records the “transaction and code parameters”. In the application of IBM writes:

Transactions and code parameters compiled in the chain of transactions, the programmer who placed the block. The chain can be seen as a chronicle of parts of the software, in which the status code can track other programmers… Block may be updated in response to many triggers, such as when the programmer selects a button in the graphical user interface (GUI) on the computer display which shows you the code editor when complete unit test complete integration code that is assigned to the work item is closed, etc.

Recently IBM is actively interested in the blockchain technology and the USPTO regularly publishes the application of the company. In addition, the Corporation has been working the team on blockchain developers;eatched to the development of blockchain solutions described in his article the head of the team Sarah Baker mills.

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