ICO Civil fiasco


ICO Civil fiasco

The sages say: “the CEO proposes, and the investor has”. In the case of Civil project investors do not have perfect ICO platform is in jeopardy.

Civil — a great project. About him wrote the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and all the crypto-media, and recently the startup has entered into an agreement with Forbes. Not every project can boast of such support. Here only the results krautsalat it had no effect.

ICO Civil commenced on 18 September 2018. On 15 October it will end, and most of all, the project team should prepare for failure.

“We were all absolutely in another way, — says the founder of the platform Matthew Isles. It is still unknown whether our service or not.”

It’s a shame, because Civil offers the coolest concept! According to the creators, the platform will offer users and content creators (journalists) completely new conditions of interaction. The deletion of system of creation and dissemination of an intermediary (publisher) Civil proposes to create a new media type — free, clean.

However, money for the establishment of the service is still not enough. The project planned to raise $8 million, but three days before the end of the ICO collected only $1.3 million In crudele participated only 680 investors. Most tokens CVL ($1.1 million) bought venture company ConsenSys, led by Joseph Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum.

One of the reasons for the poor performance of the ICO is that Civil admits to participation in crudele only those who plans to use a CVL. Before you buy token, investors must pass a special test. Of course, it scares many.

Add to that the General situation in the market the ICO and you will realize that there is nothing surprising. Need to give credit to the project team and personally the Isles, who said that the project will continue no matter what.

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