ICO Cuprumtoken: smart investments in copper as an alternative to gold


ICO Cuprumtoken: smart investments in copper as an alternative to gold

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In the financial world spread such a thing as a prudent investment (from the English. conscious, wise, literate), characterize the behavior of the investor in accordance with optimal risk/return, investment objectives and investment horizon. One of the key parameters of any investment strategy is diversification across asset classes and balancing of the portfolio shares. So, investment in resources, including metals, are a basic element of portfolio diversification.

If you ask traders about investing in metals, you can with absolute certainty predict that 10 out of 10 will tell about ways of investing in gold. Of course, gold is one of the main objects of investment, since it fulfills the function of the anti-crisis asset. However, the diversification objective is not just to flatten the yield curve in the investment portfolio, but also to send it “up”. For this you need to search and select assets with a tendency to increase.

In this respect, gold is not the most attractive object for investments — low volatility and mild trends, difficulties of physical storage, and this is an important point as the value is extremely low considering the applicability of the gold industry relative to production volumes. The primary value of gold is as a precious metal for use in jewelry, and taking into account the rapid development of technologies for the production of artificial gold, diamonds and other “friends” better half of humanity, in a short time the need for these expensive “trinkets” will be reduced significantly.

However, investment in metals is the so-called basic element, which can be said, unfairly overlooked by investors is copper. In today’s age of Autonomous, unmanned systems that is copper is the metal one. It is an essential element in the manufacture of batteries. After all, we all want to ride on electric cars and electric trains, and some, such as Finland, already flying on electroaparataj. For all this, and not only need copper.

Its global consumption is growing steadily by 10 to 15% per year. The metal reserves are also stable, but lower. This leads to the justified tendency to increase the price of copper on world markets. On the average over the next 10 years, she could jump from the current 5 750 dollars per ton to 12 thousand, making it one of the most promising assets from the group of metals in the world.

However, how to buy it? Actually the question is not idle. You can physically, but then how am I going to store? For example, a ton of copper? You can buy ETFs, but the barrier to entry are high, and there are a number of legal and brokerage difficulties that raise questions about the reliability of the safety of such investments. You can buy copper, but then every time you need to days expiry make trades regardless of financial results on a specific date. Nevertheless, there is a proper and modern way of investing in copper, and very interesting. Not for nothing do we live in the era of blockchain technology!

ICO CuprumToken — this investment project based on real(!) the production of copper mining and related useful ore. It is directly related to physically existing industrial enterprise which will be launched October 16, 2018, in the Orenburg region of the Russian Federation — one of the key places of concentration of reserves of this metal in Russia. The project is for the initial placement of tokens is a major European holding CuprumGroup that specializiruetsya in the exploration and mining industry. Well, to this area of the US sanctions is not reached. It CuprumGroup, as a management company, handles business development for the extraction of metals in Novoorskogo district of Orenburg region. You can actually talk about specific security token is a real asset of the enterprise. This makes the investments more secure and attractive. It is also despite the fact that the initiator of the ICO promises a redemption token for the price of cost of copper at the London stock exchange.

Now is the private phase of the ICO, which will last until September 15. In the framework of a single token Cuprum can be purchased for the equivalent amount of bitcoin equal to $ 2. Million, plus bonuses, will “drop” another 30%. From 15 September to 15 November will be held open tocancel. During this phase, a single token will be sold already by 2.8 us dollars. USA. Thus, as stated by team ICO CuprumToken, when entering the project at the stage of presale, you can get the expected yield of 375%. Those who are within just will receive projections 250% return that also can be considered a very good result, if all goes as the organizers plan to issue tokens.

In total, financing activities CuprumToken ICO plans to issue 6 million digital coins 33,29% of which are now being sold under pre-sale, another 60% will come up for bidding during the public sale of tokens for the 3.33% is reserved for team and advisors, and the remaining 0.05% or 3 thousand tokens will be part of the bonus program airdrop.

Structurally, from a legal point of view, the scheme Investproekt as follows.

Details of the project can be found by reading the white paper at the link //cuprumtoken.io/files/cuprum— wp_ru.pdf.

In addition, we offer you to view a video interview with the founder CuprumGroup Mikhail Avdeyev, in which he shares the company’s plans and the characteristics of the copper market — //www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6vNLnUdgNs.

Highly professional project team invites everyone to become a part CuprumToken.

Material published on a commercial basis and is not a recommendation to invest, press release provided by the customer. Revision is not related to the project, not involved in the sale of tokens and is not responsible for your trading or investment decisions. Any trade with scriptactive are increased risks due to the nature of the market, examine the project before making the investment.

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