In Australia built mining data center for solar energy


The Australian operator of data centers DC and Two of its subsidiaries cryptocurrency company implementing the project of the first “neelektrolitov data center” operating on renewable energy sources.

DC and D Two Coin constructing a new facility, 200 km South of Perth, near the solar power plant Hadouken, and whose energy will use the data center. Apparently, in part, as a factor in the choice of location for the project in DC Two also mentioned the presence of coal mines and electricity generation capacity in the region.

According to the company, the use of renewable energy will enable it to create a data center with the lowest cost and highest density data in Australia. In the centre will be offered a hosted zone for the development of the cryptocurrency system and mining bitcoin.

“By providing the individual cheap hosting options specifically designed for cryptocurrency and bitcoin mining, competitive on the world market Two DC and D Coin will be able to attract the interest of both local and international cryptomanager community,” — said in a statement.

The first phase of the project should be completed in early 2019. It involves the installation of 256 IT stands, each of which will have a computational load of 30 kW. The power supply for the first phase will be 4 MW.

If all of it will be used for the extraction of bitcoin, according to local media, during the year, the penny will be able to produce about 650 coins (about $4 million at current exchange rates).

This is not the first attempt to use solar electricity for mining of crypto-currencies in Australia — informed on such plans said the IOT Group implementing the project of construction of a data center on-site coal power station Redbank.

We will remind that earlier American company Soluna Technologies and Brookstone Partners announced plans to use for bitcoin mining other renewable source — wind energy. To this end, they intend to build in Morocco, the giant wind farm a capacity of 900 MW.

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