In Belarus trying to sell bitcoin luxury house


In Belarus trying to sell bitcoin luxury house

A citizen of Belarus placed an ad about selling your home for 250 bitcoins. The mansion is located in the exclusive village of tarasivka, its area is 500 square meters, according to local portal b

The owner of the house said that this is not a gimmick, he really wants to sell his house near Minsk for the cryptocurrency.

At the current exchange rate of bitcoin is the value of the home is about $1.6 million the Owner is trying to sell his mansion for two years and only now decided to change the conditions by switching to a digital currency.

The owner named Alex, whose name was not called, said that he owns bitcoin and consider themselves to be supporters of the digital economy. Now it’s about the question of the legal registration of such transaction. For this he is ready to attract professional lawyers, ready to prepare the contract of sale for the cryptocurrency. It is worth noting that Alex is a resident of the Park of high technologies.

In the house, which he sells, there is a kitchen with a dining room, an office, a library, a fireplace, four bathrooms, three bedrooms and a nursery, and pool. In the courtyard there is a two car garage, a heated warehouse and a winter garden. It is worth noting that in late November of last year in Minsk, a local resident sold for bitcoins apartment.

Recall that Belarus has fully legalized the production of cryptocurrencies and operations with digital assets. The corresponding decree was signed by the President of the Republic Alexander Lukashenko.

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